Nikki Bella is just a joke…WWE is just a joke when it comes to the Divas, say what you want but the fact that Nikki Bella slept her way to the top and it’s a well known fact, only idiots with dust for brains find her inspirational, that’s like saying Farrah Abraham is an inspiration for all women around the globe!

Twin Magic is the worst ever! It’s stupid, WWE you should be ashamed, disgusted because you are morons who have destroyed the Divas Revolution too please Cena, pathetic!! Un repairable no matter what you do now! Even if Charlotte wins on Sunday, it’s too late! You had a chance to make this mean something but as usual you screw it up because Cena asked you to, pathetic! Grow a set and say no! You made Cena who he is, not the other way round!

Why WWE must persist in having the Bellas at the top…who knows but it must be nice to have partners at the top as well…D Bryan and John Cena…The Bellas voices are ear shattering, bellow average in the ring and they make themselves out to be influential for women in sports?! Need I remind you that WWE is fake! USA Women’s Team won the World Cup! Not scripted so how is this Divas Revolution an inspiration?

All they can do is bicker who started it well let me tell you who started the Divas Revolution in WWE and it sure as hell wasn’t a Diva…it was WWE Creative…the Storyline writers who thought they’d use actual Women Heroes influence and make Divas actually wrestle decent matches for once so we get Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Sasha Banks from NXT yet it all still has to be about the Bellas! The most infuriating people ever to step foot in a WWE ring!

So here we are, the most uninspiring thing the WWE has ever done with the Divas and now that Nikki Bella is the longest reigning Divas Champion, the revolution might as well be forgotten about, you failed WWE but should we be suprised? NO?! Why should we have ever really believed you would ever not let Nikki break the record because AJ Lee left you, you babies!

The only thing worse then the Bellas is Eva Marie, at least we won’t see her as champion,right???

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