Both Manchester clubs set of fans will likely have their hands on their hands, asking just what they just saw and how did it happen? Is it a nightmare and will they wake up soon? Nope, both clubs suffered losses tonight and this one is about City’s loss to Juventus 2-1 at the Etihad, further making mutual fans and rival ones to believe that Manchester City just can’t really hang with Europe’s elite for some strange reason…They always seem to do fine against Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool but cower against CSKA, Juventus and Barcelona with the last example in their an obvious one to fear, I mean wouldn’t you fear the best team on the planet?

Juventus strikers Mandzukic and Morata put City away after an own goal had put City in the lead at a very quiet stadium for some reason…you’d think the crowd would be buzzing for a UCL game like this one but oh well, I always find City to be a strange one for the UCL and I have no idea why…it’s not every day I find myself seeing Arsenal with a better chance of winning it than Manchester City but I do and it’s not because I’m an Arsenal…I just always see City disappear in games like this because everyone assumes that because City has spent an awful lot of money, that this will be their year but tonight has pretty much shown that nothing has changed, City still struggle to get the points, albeit they will likely pick up wins at….Borussia…maybe….or Sevilla…actually now I’m not sure because Sevilla looked good tonight so who knows…a tough situation for City to overcome but to be fair, they have the quality to get the job done…it just depends if they believe that they can make it to the next round or not is what we will all see over the next few months.

Man of Match: Fernandinhio

City UCL Points: 0

Next Match: Borussia (a) A MUST WIN!

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