Oh…what fresh hell have us Gunners just witnessed tonight?! I am struggling to come to terms with this shocker…mainly because…I’m still unsure if the Arsenal team even turned up tonight in Croatia or just sent some lookalikes to play tonight’s game so the REAL team is prepared for Chelsea on Saturday…I WISH! the sad truth is that tonight, that was the real Arsenal who just handed Dinamo Zagreb their first ever win in the UEFA Champions League! You heard right, the first team they have ever beaten at this stage which is humiliating, not that I’m taking anything away from the Croatian side here! I just don’t think Arsenal bothered to show up against to be honest, the lowest ranking side in this group! Albeit, we did fight…I’m not saying that we didn’t but when you know what Arsenal can do and some of the stuff they did, they might as well not have turned up you sometimes feel! I try not to but darn it Arsenal, you don’t make it easy!

To lose like that, wow! just…wow! yes we scored tonight but the fact that it came quite late and after many Arsenal fans had already slagged the team off online! It was like watching a guy play on his FIFA game, choosing a lower league side…putting the settings to beginner and playing against Arsenal but the Gunners still possessed the ball more…just that the shooting was terrible, so much that if you scored 1 goal and left the game running, you’d win 1-0! I know what many Gunner fans will start saying, That we should have bought a class striker in the Transfer Window, Nope! I doubt tonight’s result with have been any different at all! If you can’t win against Zagreb with Sanchez and Ozil in your team then will having Benzema have made that much of a difference? OZIL and SANCHEZ should have been enough themselves! I would say Giroud but he got sent off! Oh well, at least we know who starts up as striker on Saturday! Although Walcott scored and showed fight, it makes me wonder why he isn’t our main striker sometimes and Chamberlain on the right?! what a duo that would be and with Bellerin, the speedy trio! I’m sure Chelsea are shaking right now…despite their bad form in the Premier League, they tore apart their opponents tonight!….will Arsenal get anything this weekend?

I’m not sure, of course I’d LOVE a win against them but remember when Manchester United were managed by David Moyes and they had a bad spell, we all thought that it was the perfect time to beat them but what happened? THEY BEAT US! even if a team goes through a rough patch, they still somehow beat us! Look, I don’t mind losing, it’s a game you have to lose sometimes but what gets me tonight is the manner in which it happened! We lost to the lowest rank side in the group badly! Our main striker sent off, an own goal! Nothing positive whatsoever!! That’s what annoys me…the worst start we could have had and with the daunting task of Bayern Munich and Olympiakos ahead…it’s going to be testing times for us as Gunners indeed!

I’m so glad I didn’t fork out extra and get BT Sport this year…would have been a massive waste of money to see us be humbled so badly and another frustrating  performance by a team that sometimes never even ”turns up” like the first leg against Monaco, Arsenal was missing that night and they seemed to have vanished tonight because it’s either a good win for Arsenal or a humiliating defeat…never a hard-fought loss or anything!

Bad game, disappointing but think positive…hopefully that was the worst we see of Arsenal in this competition…they had better SHOW up this weekend though! Deby game against Chelsea, I want a performance out of the team, not what we saw tonight!

Man of Match: Walcott (FOR SHOWING UP!)

UCL Points: 0

Next Match: Chelsea (This Saturday)



  1. Hey ,just to correct you
    This is Dinamo Zagreb’s 5th win in UCL, last win was in 1999 tough

    But this is first win against English club in UCL

    Best regards from Zagreb

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