Hello Internet, It’s Your DailyPickMeUp and it’s time for my aftermath regarding the humiliating loss for Arsenal against Croatian side Dinamo Zagreb! 2-1 was bad enough but the bloody dance that ensued left all Arsenal fans scratching their heads and ripping Giroud shirts to shreds! chanting Wenger Out and going onto the internet to have rants…Yes I know that’s what this is!

No, I haven’t calmed down yet! What do you expect after a performance like that?! first game of the UCL and you’d think we would take it very seriously and no disrespect to Ospina here but why did Cech need resting? He’s a goalkeeper and no offense but he hasn’t had a lot to do the last Three games…what is it to much to ask him to stand in the net for two games….rest him for the Capital One game, not the UCL one! that made no sense to me at all…if I was there at the stadium and heard that announcement, I’d have realized that I just wasted my one trip abroad for the year away!

I feel horrible for all those fans that traveled out to Croatia, it’s a long way to go and for a performance like that, I’d feel robbed…robbed of money, time and sleep! The main thing that annoys me is I don’t understand the reason for this weakened squad! Why play Arteta if you have Sanchez and Chamberlain on? Coquelin would have been the better choice, bring Arteta on after you’ve scored 1 or 2 goals and then Coquelin can rest before Saturday but not the other way round, it makes no sense! Isn’t Wenger taking the UCL seriously or something? In his mind, he probably is but not for me, I didn’t see anything seriously about the first half, especially from Giroud! At least Walcott showed fight! Ozil did in the end and as for Sanchez, that was his worst performance in an Arsenal shirt last night! I said before that I felt bad for all those travelling fans, well I’ll show you an example of one

Does Wenger owe the Arsenal fans an apology? Think of all the money Arsenal fans spent to go out there for a team you would expect in the Capital One Cup! Maybe not an apology but the team had better show a lot more fight at Stamford Bridge on Saturday! Or it’ll be a humiliating week for Arsenal, a very humiliating one and I know many fans will want Wenger out because they don’t see what having him stay will achieve if this is all we have to look forward to for the foreseeable future! But who else is available to manage Arsenal that can take us further then we’ve been for many years now, minus the 2 FA Cup wins!

  • Klopp?
  • Ancelotti?
  • Guardiola?
  • Henry?

Now here’s my issue….who is really behind Arsenal’s lack of spending…is it Wenger who’s tight with the cheque book or…is it higher above that causes all of our dilemmas every Transfer Window? Gazdis or Kroenke not wanting Arsenal to pay the same amount of the teams above us? Do we really have that much money? I don’t know but clearly, Arsenal are keeping something from us and I don’t know how much longer they can before Arsenal Fans just give up because the way things are going under Wenger who has a quality squad…4th place and perhaps a FA Cup every now and then! Personally, I’ll support Arsenal no matter what, every team has good and bad times, we can bounce back, I believe that! A win against Chelsea would be nice and if not…I’ll take beating Spurs at White Hart Lane but if we lose all these games in the next week…I just don’t know…how hard would it be to remain positive if you lose to TWO of your main rivals in the space of a week and have lost against the lowest rank side in your UCL group! utterly humiliating…I don’t want that scenario to happen and I believe that we can beat Chelsea or at least get a well earned draw!


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