Hello Internet, This Is your DailyPickMeUp! And this is another update in my Asperwhat?! Series that I feel like doing, no idea how many numbers I will do, maybe Infinity…I don’t know but never mind that…today’s discussion will be taking things too seriously! A topic I think many people with Autism can understand..I know I do, I’ve had people say Three times today that I’m looking into things way too much and it was getting kind of annoying, I mean it’s not like I can switch it off or anything! As long as I can remember, I think I have always taken things way too seriously which has led to my constant worrying! Wow, in a split few seconds, I just realized what my problem has always been which is analyzing everything down to the up most detail and thinking about it over and over again, driving me crazy! Thank god I don’t comfort eat! Nope instead…I just go for a walk normally, either that or I just go on my PS4 until I calm down or I’ll even have a nap…I have plenty of ways to combat over worrying which by the way isn’t the easiest thing to overcome…unless you think about something else…yeah, instead of thinking about something that makes you worry…try to think of something that makes you happy!

Sounds simple and that’s because…well, it is! If it’s so easy to think of something that makes you worry, then why shouldn’t it be just as easy to think of something joyful and makes you feel better? The imagination is a truly wonderful thing that can think of anything, it’s how you choose to use it that matters here! If I am thinking about something too much…to the point that someone says

”Your overthinking it!”

That makes me want to pull my hair out! I don’t need constant reminding that I over analyze things people! I’m aware that I do it! Any way, if I overthink something, I just try to instead think of something positive and that makes me smile! It takes some doing but it can be done and if successful, I feel better and move on with the day and I always remember that life has up’s and downs, negatives and positives so just because something bad is happening, doesn’t mean that nothing good will happen either! Got to see the positives in everything I reckon, it sure beats feeling miserable about it all, you only get one life and I’d rather go out and live it to the fullest that I can and yes worry but overcome instead of retreating back to my comfort zone with regrets!

My mind is annoying sometimes because it can only take one thought and it’s all I can think of for quite some time…it’s quite distracting as well because it can take you off a task your doing…like cooking or something like that, I find that I’m quite easily distracted sometimes! If anything, it’s my head that’s my biggest headache when it comes to my Autism…it’s like a loud voice that makes you worry…like when I was at University…boy it was shouting a fair bit during that time of my life! My whole Autism revolves around my head, all of my actions and ideas from my head…all the worries that I overthink etc Wonder what it’s like to be calm all of the time…must be nice. I have no idea because I haven’t been that calm for say twenty years….I was calm when I was little but any more…I’m all serious…or so I’m told by others from time to time….the grown up of the group etc

So to finish…if your Autistic and tend to over think a lot, try to think of something that makes you happy, no matter how silly you think it may be…if you enjoy it then think about it and smile…tomorrow’s a brand new day and full of new thoughts to have! Even if you’re not Autistic, just give it a go and it’s too hard…go for a walk or do a hobby you enjoy…just take your mind off it! you’ll thank yourself later!

Until Next Time

Keep safe and be happy!

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