Hello Internet, it’s your DailyPickMeUp! and today, Arsenal were defeated by controversial means by Chelsea at Stamford Bridge and as a Gooner, I have to admit that I am absolutely gutted by this! the pain of losing in such manners hurts, especially after 2 of our players were sent off by Mike Dean! A referee not fit to be a referee in the Premier League, he is clearly biased against Arsenal and the F.A needs to do something about him because it is just getting silly now, I always thought referees weren’t allowed to be prejudice against a tram but if you look it up….he has always been against Arsenal in every game he has refereed in and today was just a farce of a game because of everything that he let Diego Costa get away with and sending off Gabriel and Cazorla, at least send off Costa as well if your going to do that, I mean what a joke….what happened to sportsmanship? If anything, this game showed it is long dead in football, at least in the Premiership…everyone’s just bitter towards other teams now and  no one can say congratulations if another team beats them anymore, it’s much better to say vile things online instead!

Goals by Zouma and Hazard finished Arsenal off and Walcott was good but Sanchez was poor, I think he needs a rest before getting back to his best….it’s worrying really considering the price we paid for him. My Uncle is a Chelsea fan and will I rant and rave at him for that terrible sending off…Nope, I’ll just say well done and move on, like I would to any Chelsea fan…it’s a game people…if Chelsea win the league then fine, If Arsenal do then great but we will beat them and they’ll beat us down the road…it’s just going to happen so why get so upset over it?

Am I upset, of course I am but we have to move on to the next game…Chelsea fans can believe that they are back all they want! Let them I say, they’ll just throw their toys out of the pram the next time they lose!Wait and see, let them celebrate a victory that is hollow…you can’t deny that the referee helped them…I wouldn’t be happy if Arsenal won like that…why would I? So cheating and dirty tactics is ok now? In a sport that is always saying how it fights against anti social behaviour…does that not include on the pitch? If we had lost 2-0 today fairly then fine, I’d be fine with that…Chelsea are a good team, easily but because of that farce of a referee…it looks like Chelsea were assisted in their win and it’s how the fans are praising dirty tactics to win, like any win will do…no matter the cost and I can understand that…it’s a derby. Just remember, it won’t last forever…one day your owner is going to get bored and he will go elsewhere and then what??? Deny it all you want but that day will come and like a click of a pair of fingers…all the money…expensive players….GONE….it’s 2001 all over again!

Well done Chelsea… Today you won… not fair and square but you won, am I annoyed, yeah…I am and if you can’t accept my congratulations then ok… but your taunts and insults mean nothing because it’s a game, if your going to get so personal about it because…you feel the need then that’s your issue, I just find it cute how your all jumping up and down and it’s like Everton never beat you all of a sudden, Or City… West Ham beat us before you did and we had to pick ourselves up…and to be fair, Two Arsenal players had to be sent off for you to beat us…Are you back? Or are you suddenly the Ric Flair of Football now? I know not all Chelsea fans are spiteful, all clubs have a bad bunch… But let me tell you something…if it was Arsenal that had won by 2-0 and Chelsea had 2 players sent off…what do you think Mourinho would say?? What he usually does…blame everyone else and the referee and say that his team is the best and he is the best and all his fans would eat it up and praise him.

And for this whole Wenger, Mourinho thing….it’s gone stale, boring now…watching two grown men acting like babies in the dugout…Mourinho throwing a paddy if he loses or mocks the other team if he beats them…that got old years ago and Wenger…so arrogant….so annoying….what happened to just watching two teams play a game people?? The Chelsea/Arsenal rivalry is dull now because of those two…it means literally nothing now.

You beat us but we are still above you.


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