What’s it like to live with your partner…all sunshine and flowers right? It’s all wonderful and a dream…like you think it will be when you move in together, no parents constantly telling you what to do 24/7 anymore, your in charge and it’s great but wait….your living with someone else and they may have different ideas on how to do things…well I’m sure you can work things out, right? You poor fool!

Let’s see, always nagging at one another! So much nagging that I don’t clean up enough 24/7! How I don’t continuously clean all day…how dare I do something else…I mean what am I, 40?  That I don’t wash the dishes or vacuum enough! How many times do those stairs need hoovering anyway! They wouldn’t need as much cleaning if you took your shoes off at the door when you entered the house…which by the way, you leave all over the place! High Heels and boots all over…no wonder I trip up half the time or stub my toe…and you call me messy, well at least I don’t make the stairs a hazard zone, unlike you! How many times have I tripped on your heels or boots and you just go…I’ll move them, THEIR STILL THERE! And why is it when chores are being done, they have to be done straight away and all at once…can’t we spread them out throughout the day…I mean, you’re the only who often groans she’s bored when nothings on TV or you can’t play your games anymore…you know what you could do…A CHORE! Or I could as well, if they hadn’t already been done by us both…on your order…relax a little and enjoy yourself….the house is clean and last I checked, the Queen ain’t coming over today!

And so what if I have a messy study…my games console and stuff is in there and it’s my STUDY! I don’t go into your shoe cupboard and complain about it, I doubt you’d let me near the damn thing anywhere! And yes, I like to leave my clothes on the floor sometimes…you do as well! I know where the laundry basket is…I’m just practicing my shooting from the top of the stairs!  You always distract me when I’m on FIFA for a job I’ve already done yet if I distract you from Sims, it’s crime of century! Amazingly, this is all just the tip of the iceberg but I’d go over the 10,000 word barrier if I kept going!

Never steal your Mrs Ice Cream, you’ll spend the night on the sofa for it, I should know, I took her Magnum and she was furious…too much grovelling for a warm bed! Not worth it and shan’t be doing it again…to humiliating! You steal the covers at night and then blame me in the morning…if I accidentally put the forks in the wrong draw…you stare daggers through me! you move my stuff and don’t tell me where you’ve put them, I look for them, hence a mess is made! Just tell me, it saves a lot of bother but YOU FORGET! I knew where it was, it wasn’t in the way so why did you have to move it!

Seriously, we clash all the time, disagree on how to do things all the time and well…I just love it, call me crazy but I wouldn’t change a thing about us and I have no idea why we both feel this way…strange but I guess that’s what love truly is…we can pretty much survive anything.

No wonder people say we act like a married couple all the time!

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