tumblr_m5blbqv2Dx1qzx70zo1_500I am a huge Kane fan and nothing would make me happier then   Kane to get one final run with the biggest prize in WWE, lord knows he deserves it for everything he’s done for WWE! You might think he’s stale and a joke now but he’s far from that, he’s the least selfish guy in that company who has always seen the future and more than willing to make someone look good! There’s nothing wrong with that at all! I don’t get the dis respect he gets from fans at shows and online…he’s done so much doing what he loves and changes things up every now and then but because he hasn’t won the big one that many times, fans have gone off him and think he’s hogging the spot light…Wrestling doesn’t have an age limit! Kane can wrestle for as long as he damn well wants to! Fans seem to think that only young wrestlers should be going for the championships like Cesaro, Ambrose, Bray Wyatt etc warning to challenge for the WWE WHC you must have been a WWE Superstar for less than 10 years…according to the internet…because the IWC knows so much! never satisfied… He’s a future Hall of Famer people who’s done more than your golden boy Dolph Ziggler has done…multiple records, championships and unlike Dolph, can do a good promo!  All Dolph does is scream like Melina in each match…If I went for a bathroom break during one of his matches, I’d be able to hear him easily!

Of course deserves respect…he’s earned it, unlike some other wrestlers…sorry but Kevin Owens in WWE bores me…all he does is talk smack and run when it gets too tough….oh no Ryback, please don’t hit me! why are heels booked as sniveling cowards?! Who knows, maybe the reason why Kane is kept around at such a high level is because he’s loyal, can wrestle, not injure other wrestlers unlike Seth Rollins…cut great promos…has barely ever been injured in his career and is still in great shape for his age! But no…why should he keep on wrestling and earning a huge paycheck…because some fans aren’t entertained enough by him anymore….because he doesn’t wear his old mask anymore…boo hoo…heaven forbid he might struggle to breathe! but no…dance bear…DANCE! yells the Universe….it’s like the IWC doesn’t acknowledge that WWE is a family show or something! CM Punk, Daniel Bryan because their cool and can wrestle! Kane can wrestle….a hell of a lot more than John Cena can! albeit he isn’t what he used to be…he is a great veteran that WWE clearly wants to keep around and the other wrestlers c;early respect him, otherwise he would be in the lime light as often as he is…Kane got where he is with hard work…he isn’t afraid to do something silly every now and then and I admire him for that….he has guts and likes his character to be able to do more than just scare people…it’s not the late 1990’s anymore people! We went from a masked monster who everyone was scared off to someone who slowly became more human over the years…minus the psycho part in 2004! poster

Character development, I doubt any other wrestler has had it as much as Kane has…well maybe Mick Foley…but Kane has kept in WWE with continuous changes that have actually kept him interesting although most of the WWE fans would just have him arrive, chokeslam everyone and leave again for the rest of his career but how long until that got boring? Present day Kane seems different though because it’s not just one kind of Kane…we have Corporate Kane but we also have Demon Kane…so does Kane have multiple personality disorder now or something? if so, it’s quite amusing because he sounds quite creepy when he’s trying to be nice…then like that, he’s dragging Seth Rollins down under the ring! 24 hours after destroying the champion and Sheamus!

12rumble14However, if WWE books Seth Rollins vs Kane at Hell in a Cell then I don’t see Kane winning…it doesn’t feel right at all! Why should Rollins lose? It seems like he’s holding onto the title for a while longer! Oh, I’m sure Rollins will take a beating from Kane but I just see Rollins escaping with the belt and to go on to Survivor Series to face Roman Reigns, that’s if he has finished his feud with the Wyatts by then! I do think that Kane will make Seth look good in this match, that WWE will make it like Seth only ”just” escaped Kane by the skin of his teeth! I can’t see him cleanly beating Kane, not in a million years…not at all…I could see Kane beating Seth but if that happened then Sheamus cashes in…perhaps it is a sign that Kane will hold the championship…for about two minutes but hey…either Seth barely escapes by devious means or WWE further destroys a veteran by giving him a very very short reign…like Big Show all over again but hey, that’s WWE for you!  IMG_0373

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