Well Flamini, an unlikely but very welcome hero tonight! I salute you sir for ensuring that Arsenal defeat Spurs 2-1 in their yard! Although the first half was as fun as watching paint dry, we took the lead and in the 2nd half…for a while…we switched off and relaxed too much, resulting in Spurs dominating for a while and lead to the equalizer by Mr O.G who seems to have left Arsenal and signed for Tottenham! it was crazy and to be honest, I was furious at this point because it looked like we were going to do what we’ve done so many times in the past…screw it up and look glum founded by it! However Sanchez was brought on and Arsenal seemed to be rejuvenated and attacked more which led to our winning goal by Flamini with his 2nd of the game…who saw that coming! Both sides went for another but the Gunners were able to see the game out and progress to the 4th round of the Capital One Cup! TAKE A BOW FLAMINI, GLAD YOU STAYED! overall Spurs did well, nothing to be ashamed off really, Harry Kane will be good and Christian Eriksen is one of my favorite players so well done for bringing the game tonight Spurs! I love the little rivalry, brings the best out of both teams really!

A much needed win tonight by Arsenal, a loss and I didn’t even want to imagine it but I felt like I’d explode with anger tonight if we had lost because it was just getting silly but we held out and knocked out our old rival who I’m sure will come fighting back for our Premier League fixture soon! should be good! I hope we can use this and take momentum to Leicester this weekend who are unbeaten so far in the league, let’s be that first team to break their duck and get 3 points! If we are serious about trying to win the league then this is the kind of game that we need to be winning! I doubt Chelsea will slip up to Newcastle…they lost to Sheffield Wednesday tonight….not putting any hope there! City should come back from their loss to West Ham…no idea about Man United or Liverpool but we need 3 points this weekend and then maybe… we can put Zagreb and Chelsea behind us…maybe.



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