So far, so good and we are doing good, just what I want but we can’t get comfortable and assume that we have the game in the bag, Spurs look dangerous on the counter attack and Kane will eventually score if he keeps getting chances and I wish Flamini would calm down a little bit! I felt bad for Campbell as he flipped over the barrier, being jeered by Spurs fans but thought it was a good gesture by Spurs goalkeeper Vorm to help him up…Flamini with the opening goal after a save by Vorm, leaving it easy for the midfielder to shoot it into the net. Decisions seem to be heading Spurs way at the moment so Gunner’s calm down and don’t do something stupid to throw the game away! Bring Sanchez or Ozil on for security and see out the game with another game!

However, if your an Arsenal fan, you know that this game is far from over…remember Anderlecht? I just hope that Wenger doesn’t think that it’s all over…another goal would help a great deal and like I said before….ANYTHING OVER THEN A WIN ISN’T ACCEPTABLE TONIGHT! A win is a must or it’s a disaster! Capital One cup or not…a win over Spurs is always a necessity in the Gunner’s season and I’m sure the feelings mutual with Spurs!

Second Half to come, 1-0 to the Arsenal, keep it up lads! WE NEED THIS BADLY!


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