This is the big one, the fixture Arsenal must win….a loss against Chelsea is bad enough but a loss against Spurs within a week…no Arsenal wants that to have happened?! We just can’t lose tonight because if we do, it’s a travesty…forget 8-2 or 6-0 a loss to Chelsea and Spurs so close together is not acceptable! This game for me is more important than Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool or City…it’s our main rivals who always claim they are superior yet have shown no real evidence that this is nothing more than talk only! Always finishing bellow us and winning far less silverware yet still damper on about how much better they are…but tonight, we go to their yard and it’s not an easy place to get a win so we have to be at our best to beat them but will we? That is the question?

I don’t care if it’s the Capital One Cup, I want an experienced squad out there tonight to defeat Spurs at White Hart Lane, I mean their Number One guy Harry Kane hasn’t scored yet! We have been better then they have this season! Their is no real reason that we should lose this game…unless Arsenal are in the mind that it’s only the Capital One Cup and that it wouldn’t matter if we went out…oh hell no! I won’t accept that…no way, no how! WE WIN…NO EXCEPTIONS! Stop turning us into a joke to our rivals Wenger, fair enough, the Chelsea game couldn’t be helped but if we lose to Spurs as well then that will be West Ham, Chelsea and them we would have lost to and it’s not even October yet!! we scrapped past Palace before anyone mentions them! Can we really call London red if we can’t convincingly beat any other London team at the moment? Without mentioning our history….can we?

Nothing more than a win will do for this Gooner tonight! anything else will capitalize a week of ultimate failure for the club…a loss in Europe followed by a loss to Chelsea…and now we could lose to Spurs and I’m supposed to be optimistic about our Title chances? Is the team going to suddenly turn around and win win win?? Doesn’t look like it….Who’s our main striker, Walcott or Giroud…I’m not so sure anymore….very confusing and where’s Sanchez at? Does he still play for us? but to me, Arsenal feel different to what they did last season, somewhat weaker then they were for some reason, as if they were…distracted…either that or under immense pressure to win the Premier League and are cracking under that pressure! We turn things around tonight by beating Spurs then facing Leicester this weekend!

A 2-0 Win I predict to Arsenal!!


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