To wake up on a cold morning or is it morning…it’s still dark outside so is it really morning or do I still have some time left to sleep….nope it’s time to wake up…winter is coming faster then I thought it would do….it feels weird walking downstairs and needing to turn the lights on when a few weeks ago, at this time it was sunny!

The night lights outside still glow lighting up the street, the only thing that prevent it from being pitch dark! It’s very quiet as a soul isn’t about, I think I’m the first one up on this street and I’m really bored!

I try to keep quiet so my partner can get some more sleep…she doesn’t need to be awake for a few more hours, I’ll be gone by then, out into the world, walking into the night as the sun tries to rise. The air is cold and the town is quiet, I can’t see a single car, it’s strange, i don’t like it this quiet! When is it Spring again?

I’ll have to get used to waking up when it’s still dark but it’s only going to get darker earlier! Really bad if your afraid of the dark….oh wait, when is it Spring again?

Oh it’s at this time that I wish I had a pet, I wouldn’t feel as lonely at this time of day if I had a dog! That’s cool to have one, have some company at This dark time of the day…or night, I don’t know anymore…when is it Spring again??

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