Arsenal fans were caught tearing up pieces of White Hart Lane and have a jolly good time of it but is this acceptable? No! we just spend the last week protesting against Mike Dean and his horrible refereeing in the game against Chelsea and the behaviour of Chelsea Fans because they saw nothing wrong with it…then we go and do something like this a week later to Spurs…I know they are our rivals guys but come on…what does this prove?!

Here is a video clip of the incident in question that took place on the night before kick-off

It’s not acceptable behaviour at all guys… with vandalizing the stadium just sends wrong messages to the rest of the world about Arsenal…we don’t do that kind of thing of thing or at least I thought we didn’t! I know that every club has it’s set of trouble makers….you can’t tell me that one club doesn’t! it’s just sad to see a great night end with this news that some stupid Gunners vandalized a part of the stadium and gave the club a bad name! Arsenal fans and Spurs fans naturally don’t like each other, that much is clear but we don’t need to try and hurt one another over a game of football…you win some and lose some…don’t ruin the beautiful game with behaviour like this.

Not saying that Arsenal fans are the only ones to have done something silly in recent years, here are a couple of other examples of Football fans taking it a bit too far over the game.

Look at this shot of Marseille fans destroying parts of Amsterdam! what was this for?? No real good reason to disrupt other people’s days when they had nothing to do with Football…just immature and childish really

Obviously, theirs this video of Chelsea Fans in Paris, we all remember this one! unacceptable as well

And I added this one because this guy is just…unbelievable…oh no, we lost to Sunderland….I feel like punching a Horse!

And pretty much anything Steve McClaren has done for Newcastle this season which I think is an embarrassment!



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