Man, I have been busy this week and I haven’t been to do any of these blogs all week because of it, ha ha but I finally have the rest of the day to relax and catch up on some sleep until tomorrow…but enough about that. I’ve been wondering for quite some time now about how other people with Autism cope with certain things, like relationships, jobs, education and family…it’s well enough to talk about how they affect me when it can affect us all in different ways but then again…I can’t go about asking every single person on the planet with Autism these questions…It’d take me forever! I know to not assume that just because I may struggle with a certain thing or two that another person with Autism might struggle even worse or better than I do! After all, there can be mild Aspergers for example or full on or so my doctors used to tell me anyway!

Maybe I should do something like a vlog for these kind of things? Maybe a video every now and then would be as good as a blog would be? I’ll have to have a think on that one but I like the idea! it’d be cool to try new things to further enhance these blogs of mine but I won’t know until I give it a go! It’d be fun to talk about these kind of things in front of a camera….or laptop…whatever it is, it’s new and another way I can do these blogs or vlogs as well.

I’ll give that a go in the next few days, see how that goes…hopefully well but who knows, better to try and fail than not bother and never see what happens at all, got to step out of the shell every now and then, especially after being nominated for the Liebster Blog award!

More soon.

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