I woke up at 5am this morning and it was still dark outside…it’s that time of the year again I see…yey but never mind, I only had half an hour to have breakfast and get changed before going to work. I never realised how quiet it is in town when you walk through it at quarter to 6 in the morning at the end of September! I think I only saw one other person about….pretty creepy when I really think about it! After a morning shift, I met up with my fiance Emma and we went into town for a coffee and I forgot how cold it has become all of a sudden, Winter is on it’s way I guess…woooo…time to get the jumpers and gloves back out for the next few months…I wonder if it’ll snow this year? and then to pick up a few things in town before heading back home and I…went back to bed, lazy I know but…well I was tired and had only 5 hours of sleep so an hour and a bit was enough for me before I could enjoy my day a bit more….luckily for me, it was Saturday so football was on and my team Arsenal won 5-2 against Leicester City!

It’s nice to relax a bit after a week of work…that time you get off to relax is nice! I hope everyone has a nice weekend! still thinking about vlogging in the future…maybe Monday, I’ll see and give it a small go and see how it goes! After watching my fiance on her ongoing battle with losing weight for quite some time now, I think it’s nice to see someone else with something that she can write about every day, I’m not the only blogger in this household and it’s nice because we can read each other’s blogs every day and such… My Weight Watchers Story can be seen here, please have a read, follow her blog and such…it’s quite good if your into that kind of thing.

IMG_2101We both have our own way of spending our day, she likes to play on Sims 4 and I prefer Fifa! I’ll watch Football and she’ll watch Ghost Adventures! I write blogs regarding Autism and she writes blogs about Weight Watchers yet we always still find time to sit down, put something good on TV and relax together in the evening…I like a good quality time together with her…it’s the best and one thing I find weird is how everyone always says that we already sound like a married couple…we’ve had that for about 4 years now! this November, we’ll have been together for 5 years! how time flies by, when I was so down about my Autism, I never imagined I could ever find this much happiness from just one person! She changed my life so much for the better and I am in debt to her for that…I only hope I make her feel the same way.


So today was a nice relaxing day…I just felt like writing about it…why not after all, it’s been a good one after all so I hope you enjoyed! I shall return to being an Alien before you know it

More Soon

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