Hello Internet, It’s Your DailyPickMeUp and today, we look at the Premier League fixture between Arsenal and Leicester City played at the King Power Stadium, a closely fought matched between a team that hasn’t lost so far in the league and another that has a point to prove in the league!

What happens when you put a fox against a cannon? You blow it to smithereens!! although it attacks and leaves a couple of scratches, Arsenal have blown Leicester apart at the King Powers Stadium and have collected 3 Pts, well deserved for the lads today! I honestly thought the score would be a lot closer then this which shows that Arsenal are still capable of surprising us all…if this team likes to turn up that is…sometimes I think they get lost on the way to the stadium or something!

Main talking point of course is that hat trick scored by Alexis Sanchez! The beast was unleashed upon Leicester and hopefully it’s the start of many goals for the Chilean Superstar as well as goals for Theo Walcott and Olivier Giroud when apparently, Arsenal have no strikers….funny that…people can pretty much say anything and think it’s fact…well five goals against a team that hasn’t lost up to this point….think what you will but I think we are doing pretty well without these so-called strikers! 5 goals speaks volumes and Chelsea has been all forgotten about….we’ve moved on and are focusing on the future now and despite a very open game from Ranieri’s men, we were able to win the game very convincingly and show the league that the loss to Chelsea was a one-off and keep Mike Dean away from us…that bias referee! unfit to be a premier league referee clearly!

We move up a very familiar place in the Premier League…4th place, oh well it’s better to be in the top 4 than not to be there, even though everyone associates us with 4th place, but we get a win before the big game against Manchester United which is a big game considering United went top of the Premier League by beating Sunderland 3-0 and City lost 4-1 to Spurs…how did that happen? they started off so well yet now lost 2 games in a row…this campaign so far has had all big teams lose a couple of games so far now…it’s all wide open if you ask me…Arsenal have just a good chance to win the league like United, City or Chelsea…not Liverpool though….under Rodgers….not in a million years.

I love the Man United game although I have a feeling they will be seen as the favorites by the media, well we will have to do something about that. We have a good chance to get a win against a big club, especially now that Sanchez has started scoring again! start Walcott over Giroud and who knows what will happen…watch out for Martial though, the up comer is in red-hot form and who knows what he could do!

Man of Match: Alexis Sanchez

Points: 13

Next Game: Manchester United- 4th October 2015 16:00- Venue: Emirates Stadium


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