12049544_10153786127421019_262305773659110020_nWell, it’s Sunday and I always consider this a day of relaxing, I mean it’s the end of the week and to be honest…no football is on so why not? I managed to sleep in until 10 am before the alarm went off and we both had to rush out of bed so we could go to one of the wedding venues for our upcoming wedding and have another look about and hopefully get some more ideas for the big day! We’ve been to one of them before and to be honest…this one wasn’t as good as the last one, not as much there this time about as we have already made most of the decisions regarding the wedding but it was worth a shot..and I did get some free Candy Floss so I got something out of this! They had American Vintage Cars there but Emma is dead set on having a Limo! Should get really busy come January, getting everything ready for August…might make time go by quicker as well although no one should wish their time away….you only get one life after all! After that we had to go to Emma’s aunt’s house for a bit and we ended up watching….Eddie Stobart…seriously, how is that show so popular…I’m sure there’s a reason but before going back home, I began to feel somewhat bored and that’s where it sank in…I didn’t feel like doing much else now for the rest of the day. bth_bangHeadAgainstWall

How do you combat pure boredom? I mean once your bored, how do you get out of that rut?…today is meant to be a day of rest after all for me really after a long week yet I can’t be bothered to do all that much really…I’ve relaxed, watched TV, gone on my PS4 and just had a nap, yet it’s a lovely day outside, slightly chilly but the sun is out…does anyone else not feel like doing anything else today….kind of like that Bruno Mars song and it’s bad for writing if your bored…nothing inspires you to write anything down. Very frustrating…maybe I should go for a walk or something…One thing I like about the weekdays is that I feel like doing more…no idea why that is but it is something that I have discovered about myself and at the weekend, I tend to shut down and relax for the two days…more on Sunday if Arsenal don’t play on that day…maybe my Autism has something to do with that, who knows?

I’m sure I ain’t the only bored individual on this planet today but i just can’t be bothered to go and walk up that mountain today when I know it’ll still be there tomorrow…not very informative today am I? Well can’t feel that spark today, I wish I could magically make it appear but listening to High School Musical probably isn’t helping…so cringe worthy…so glad I didn’t go to a school in America, especially after watching many movies and TV programs about it…especially High School Musical…yeah let’s all break out into song all the time…too weird for me…different groups and being cool is all that matters…just be you and screw what others think but don’t write a musical about it! Write, I’ll stop here before I sound too grumpy! I’m sure life in American Schools isn’t exactly like that! I wouldn’t know, I’m British and I have this on my TV…well computer

Still thinking about Vlogging as well…plenty of ideas so I’m having good ideas today…that’s something I guess.

Here’s something to cheer me up with some Fawlty Towers

More Soon

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