IMG_1142Today we awoke and as per usual, the sun was shining…you could feel the heat, I could have mistaken myself being in Tenerife rather than Paris! Today we would venture away from the land of Disney and go into the the center of the city of love which would be quite the change in some sense but at the same time, it would require just as much walking from monument to tourist site etc Emma was never one for getting up early, she would prefer a lie in, even though it’s a holiday! We had a Donald Duck Tsum on the bed as we woke up today which was cool, it looks like a Disney inspired pillow in my opinion but just look at that face, how can you not cheer up when seeing that?

IMG_1377As we hadn’t paid to have breakfast as we stayed here, we ventured out from our hotel to the nearest supermarket and I purchased myself a giant chocolate macaroon which was amazing! I have noticed that the French have a particular sweet tooth, bakeries and sweets all over the place, it’s awesome! Paris would be a great day out but we just needed to get out there first and to do so, we would go onto the Cities Metro line once again (yey) although we first needed to renew our train tickets so we could do so which is easier said then done when your French is limited and the Ticket Saleswoman at your station barely understands English…great success! Eventually finding someone else who understood us, we renewed our tickets and headed into Paris, albeit going from train to train along the way to meet up with Ben and Evie before deciding what to do first. We would often get stations mixed up as well as lines…we got lost from time to time which was annoying but amusing as well because we found the different kinds of trains somewhat amazing…the ones at our station had hook like doors that we had to open ourselves whereas on some other lines, the doors opened automatically, were we in the bad part of Paris or something? Gallieni…is it?

IMG_1147We had many sites that we wanted to see and Three days to do them all in which to be honest, was more then enough time although we wouldn’t think this at first! Well their were so many after all that I think we assumed that it would take us all Three days to get through them all. Our first stop would be of course the Eiffel Tower, well what else would you expect?   it was boiling hot at this point, I think around 33 degrees, well I wasn’t expecting that…we walked across the park towards the famous French tower and what did we see once we got there, apart from long queues of people, millions of steps up to the viewing platform or many little set ups for food stands??? tons upon tons of selfie stick users…as far as the eye could see, everyone was using selfie sticks to take pictures because lord knows how hard it is to take a picture using your phone in your hands! Just saying! And no I didn’t take a picture of any one using them…I honestly think people will believe me because I am certain that Paris ain’t the only place on the planet that has selfie sticks in it…their everywhere…taking over!

IMG_1155Since neither of the girls wanted to wait 2 hours to go up the tower and considering my fear of heights, we considered that seeing the tower was enough so ventured off to the next popular tourist location that we could think off, which was the Notre Dame Catherdral and once again, the place was packed….the queue far behind the corner of the building and beyond…well I shouldn’t be surprised, it is August, prime time of the Summer Break so of course prime holiday destinations are packed with tourists! I was a tad disappointed by this building…oh no, not because of the queue or anything, that was fine but because I didn’t see this guy anywhere!!


What a rip! I was looking forward to it as well but oh well….that’s Disney for you…getting your hopes up when you go to the actual real places! I kid but it wouldIMG_1163 have been cool to see someone sort of dressed like him! We looked about and eventually came across a bridge nearby that had many locks upon it! See, look at all of those locks! Some people have more time than sense, I joke I know what they are their for but with my fear of heights, I just think it’s silly…you could fall in and everything!

Paris is a big place and still have plenty of places to see and the Metro is a great way of getting about, a great tool to use if you want to see everything! So next time, we get to many other tourist destinations and such but there is so many of them!

More Soon

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