It’s half time at the Emirates and Arsenal…are losing…not what I wanted to be writing about at this moment in time but it is what’s happening right now and…I’m down right furious about it…but I don’t want to get mad…what’s the point because Wenger ain’t changing his methods or ways…he complained earlier today that it’s unfair that Olympiakos are dominating the Greek League so they have more time to prepare for tonight’s game…WHY DIDN’T YOU PLAY CECH? why isn’t the only player you brought in this summer playing a very important game for us? Isn’t that the main reason you bought him? This is Arsenal! We are supposedly with a squad that can win the Premier League…yet we are losing games to Zagreb and Olympiakos and to be honest…they make it look easy! How is this happening Gooners? How are we losing these games….I know there’s a 2nd half to come and everything but how can we go from beating Leicester and Spurs convincingly to sort of showing up against Olympiakos? AM I MISSING SOMETHING HERE?

I want to ask a question to our manager…Arsene Wenger….Do you even want this anymore? I want to know, do you want to manage Arsenal anymore because from where I’m standing, you look like you can’t be bothered anymore! Why isn’t Cech on? This is the Champions League Mr Wenger, a competition that I would like Arsenal to do well in, not be the group’s whipping boys because at the moment, THAT’S WHAT WE’VE BECOME! Olympiakos and Zagreb are humiliating us! and don’t get me started on the 2 Bayern Games coming up! Lord help us in those 2 games…

Before we go overboard with Ospina,remember that he has done well for us in the past and that Cech made a howler on his debut for us, I just don’t get why our 1st choice keeper isn’t playing tonight…it makes no sense to me! It’s like your saying the UCL isn’t that important to you and that you’d rather focus on the league…WHY NOT HAVE A GO IN IN THE UCL? Are you saying through your choices that you don’t believe we can win it? Is that what you want to say Wenger? Because if so, THEN SAY IT! Stop with the excuses and produce! I want a much better performance from our players, a good old kick up the backside TO WAKE THEM UP! COME ON!

Every year we get 4th or 3rd so we can still play in the Champions League! I’m beginning to wonder what the point is at the moment because we get in the competition then suck at it….I’d say we want to get into the competition for 2 reasons, so listen up!

  1. Win It
  2. Attract Quality Players


  1. We haven’t won a game so far
  2. You only signed one player this Summer and HE ISN’T EVEN PLAYING!

What is going on….2nd half to come BUT COME ON!


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