Ok, I’ve got all my shouting out of my system….I am distraught tonight…two losses in the UCL and we are bottom of our group! I’d say that we are going to the Europa League now BUT YOU NEED POINTS TO FINISH 3RD! How did this happen guys, HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? Why did we buy Cech if we ain’t going to use him in the important games in Europe which is all of them…I just don’t understand how we went from retaining the FA Cup, feeling so confident that we felt we could finally challenge for the Premier League to this…losing to Zagreb and Olympiakos is not good enough…far from it…I feel for the fans at the Emirates, wandering about gob smacked…what just happened…again?

Well done Olympiakos, good win for you…we were dreadful and you weren’t…I wonder what Wenger will say about this…probably nothing to give us fans hope…false hope maybe because I can’t see any justification for  these two results, not one! can you? I’d love to hear them because we always manage to qualify from the group stages at least and I know your thinking or saying that four games remain but two of those games are against Bayern…think we can beat them…I sure don’t! even a miracle wouldn’t help Arsenal against that team…something is very wrong here and it annoys me! If we go out on Sunday and Beat Man United then questions need to be asked….why can we do so well in the Premier League yet so terrible in the UCL, it’s like two different teams and only one of them are decent, the other is just appalling.

Wenger, you have a lot to answer for, especially when you consider at any other club, you’d have gotten the sack years ago but that doesn’t seem to be the case at Arsenal and no, I’m not saying this because I’m mad we lost but many other managers get the sack for not winning trophies after so long, Wenger went a decade and he’s still here! 4th is our trophy but finishing 4th in a group we can finish 2nd in is abysmal…and he’ll still get away with it…because who else can we get in that’s any better? Klopp??? Ancelotti? Maybe we should give John Carver a call??? sadly, he’s the best we can stick with and he knows that…his arrogance is obvious but his love for the club is also, no denying that…I just wish he would admit he’s wrong sometimes and learn from his mistakes!

Care to borrow Steve McClaren’s umbrella Wenger? Because if I were a season ticket holder, it’d be very hard to not tear it up and throw it at you after that display, disgraceful! I’d be more happy that Chelsea lost, only they have 3 points already and I don’t want to laugh at another English club losing because we should all be doing better in this competition, that 4th spot we have could be going soon to Italy at this rate! BTW that penalty miss for Chelsea….THAT’S KARMA! Learn from it!

So in the end, we lost…badly and now we face Man United this Sunday….at home, I dread to think how the fans will feel if we lose this one…I don’t know about you but the pressure is on the lads more so now this Sunday! a win is a must for morale at least and to keep the Emirates as a fortress…we can’t crumble now…we mustn’t We are Arsenal and LONDON IS RED!

But for now…any room in the Europa League for us???

Man of Match: Walcott/Sanchez (rest of squad was awful)

Next Match: Man United (Emirates)

Points in UCL: 0 (NOT A DREAM!)


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