It’s game night in the UCL once again, game 2 and tonight is a big one for any Gooner fan who travels to the Emirates, watches on TV or listens to the game via radio as we play Greek Side Olympiakos in a must win game after our very disappointing loss to Dinamo Zagreb in Croatia and lord knows that we want to have a second loss once again, especially in our back yard! a 2nd loss would be devastating in my eyes because not only do we have Bayern Munich next but it would make the task of getting at least second all that much harder when we would be the only team in the group without a win! Momentum would be against us so losing is not an option if we really mean to get through to the next round!

Here’s my team that I’d play


Ospina (Why not Cech?)


Gabriel, Monreal, Bellerin, Koscielny


Sanchez, Ozil, Coquelin, Ramsey, Cazorla


Walcott (But we know it’ll be Giroud)

Come on Mr Wenger, give us some sort of hope in this competition, I mean you go on about how many years in a row we’ve been in this so at least show that you want to do well in it, what happened in Croatia was unacceptable! embarrassing even! I know it’s never easy to win away from home in this competition but still, WE ARE ARSENAL! if we can beat Leicester 5-2 and beat Spurs in the space of a week then why couldn’t we do the same to Zagreb??I don’t care what you say, I felt humiliated that we lost that way…normally we would have showed more character as a team but we didn’t and we lost to the lowest ranking team in our group, a game where 3 points were essential, now we must beat familiar opposition who will feel that they as well can beat us at the Emirates and further humiliate us before those German Giants come knocking on our door in a few weeks, I’d rather go into the Bayern game with at least one win under our belts!

I’ll go for a 2-1 win for Arsenal, I’d prefer a 2-0 one but I have a feeling we’ll let a goal slip through


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