IMG_1183Moving away from the Notre Dame, we were able to find a souvenir store and before long, we ended up both wearing…Berets! Does everyone buy these when they come to France? What can I say..I’ve always wanted to try one on…would have preferred Blue but the shop we went to didn’t have that colour…Burgundy is just fine with me! IMG_1173 IMG_1174

IMG_1180Well we had to do some shopping at some point during our holiday and we needed something French! We always go for something unique from the place we go to and a Beret seemed perfect! Although I din’t think I wore it right for the first day…practice makes perfect! Next, we thought about where to go to next so retrieved the little book about Paris I had purchased before we came out here…I knew it would come in handy! We took a quick detour to look for a Obelisk and it was nice, a change from looking at buildings and it was next to a very refreshing fountain as well IMG_1181

Very nice but no time to rest, we got the handy book back out and once again, went to the Metro and …

IMG_1190We found the Sacre Coeur and before we knew it, boarded a Metro train wearing our new Berets and after say ten minutes…emerged into the sunlight, man the Metro is a life saver…makes traveling around Paris so much easier! If you can stand the smell, and the rats, and the failing ticket barriers and people begging for money and broken vending machines but hey, trains every few minutes! After we got off the train, we found ourselves looking upwards and all the way, it was hills and steps and at the top was a very impressive looking building but God! So many steps to the top…although I seemed to be getting up them faster then the others in the group were as we began our climb up. Mind you we had been on our feet all day up to this point so I can understand why Emma was so tired, I’m just more used to walking than she is so I can go for much longer and as I expected, I got to the top before they did, in fact, Evie and Emma waited a floor bellow as me and Ben got drinks for the group, trust me you’ll need one after all that climbing and I have a Fit Bit…so many steps done on that day.

IMG_1191The view from up here is great, you can practically see most of Paris from up here! Apart from the Eiffel Tower, well I couldn’t spot it! Never mind, I think I saw the Arc Di Triumphe but I could have been wrong…great view…worth it after all of that! We stayed here for a while and soak in the view before deciding to head back down the hill…no one moaned about being tired in this direction! Back to the Metro and weirdly…when we emerged from the station once again…we managed to find this. Moulin Rouge…wow, Emma and Evie were very interested in this, although to be honest, I wasn’t that fussed…didn’t see the movie so…yeah, as long as Emma’s happy thoughIMG_1195!

So today, we had seen the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Sacre Couer and also seen the Moulin Rouge place which by the way looked so expensive! Not in a million years thank you! about 200 euros to get in I think it was…thanks but no thanks

IMG_1197To finish our day off, we went out for a evening meal and went to a place we had seen on one of the Metro station advertisements and as we went along a street, I saw a man walking in a very odd way. It had been a great day, full of sight seeing and a nice change to constant Disney, still had so much more to see tomorrow and a good nights sleep was needed!

More Soon!

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