I understand that Cech could possibly have been rested because he may have had a slight injury but why did we not hear about this until AFTER the football game, it makes no sense in my opinion, why all of a sudden, after the game we find out that Wenger has said that Cech may have picked up a slight injury!

So far Arsenal are last in thier group..LAST…when has this ever happened before…18 years in a row we have been in the Champions League yet this season, we just don’t seem to be taking it seriously anymore! Ospina is a good goalkeeper, I never said he was bad, in fact he has had many good games for us but last night was a HOWLER! We need Cech back and soon!

 Why are we bothering in the Champions League? I mean are we? We are in the competition but are we actually bothered about that Mr Wenger? I mean the defending was horrible! And some fans think Wenger doesn’t want to upset Ospina! Do you think Van Gaal or Mourinho would be too afraid to upset a players feelings, I mean when did John Terry last play a game?

And for all those fans telling upset Arsenal fans that we need to grow up because we’re having a moan! THIS IS THE SAME RUBBISH THAT’S HAPPENED YEAR IN AND YEAR OUT! It’s not been happening for just this season, it’s been about a decade of this…We are allowed to voice our opinions on the matter, I mean Arsenal fans pay the highest prices in the Premier League and we barely buy any players! Perhaps we don’t have as much money as the other teams about us apparently…who knows what goes on behind Wenger but to lose to Zagreb and Olympiakos….inexcusable! if those two losses were to Barcelona and Bayern Munich…I’d understand a bit more because those two teams are a mile ahead of us! It’s true, they regularly buy and win trophies year in and out.

We are out of the Champions League! Do you really think we can beat Bayern Munich? Really…seriously…after those last two games??? Bayern put at least 5 past Zagreb…we managed one….Bayern have beaten us comfortably in recent times! I understand that Wenger is upset about the loss and I know it’s not impossible to still get out of the group stages but to beat Bayern Munich…in our current state…I just don’t see it…our defense is bad and I don’t know what it is about playing in the UCL but Arsenal just seem to…cower and crumble to these teams but why? We can beat Leicester 5-2 and they hadn’t lost a game up to that point yet Olympiakos can get 3 goals at the Emirates?

Hard times but we must pull through


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