Leicester City 2 Arsenal 5 Final Score Review

Hello Internet, It’s Your DailyPickMeUp and today, we look at the Premier League fixture between Arsenal and Leicester City played at the King Power Stadium, a closely fought matched between a team that hasn’t lost so far in the league and another that has a point to prove in the league! What happens when you […]

Tottenham Hotpsur 1 Arsenal 2 Final Score and Review

Well Flamini, an unlikely but very welcome hero tonight! I salute you sir for ensuring that Arsenal defeat Spurs 2-1 in their yard! Although the first half was as fun as watching paint dry, we took the lead and in the 2nd half…for a while…we switched off and relaxed too much, resulting in Spurs dominating […]

Tottenham Hotspur vs Arsenal- THE BIG ONE Prediction

This is the big one, the fixture Arsenal must win….a loss against Chelsea is bad enough but a loss against Spurs within a week…no Arsenal wants that to have happened?! We just can’t lose tonight because if we do, it’s a travesty…forget 8-2 or 6-0 a loss to Chelsea and Spurs so close together is […]