This morning, Me and Emma had decided to do a little something by ourselves for the morning and since we didn’t go inside either the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame, we decided to look about the Louvre, a famous art gallery and of course we used the Metro to get there! albeit surviving a homeless person’s attempt to beg for money on the train…that was the only time I was glad I didn’t know that much French!

Me and Emma fancied looking about the world famous Louvre and yes…the one thing I wanted to see more than anything else was the Mona Lisa but as we arrived, we saw the massive queue that went all over the place, it took us ten minutes to find the correct queue…there was two of them, one for bag checks as well as people who didn’t already have a ticket and the other for those who already had tickets…we didn’t have tickets so joined the right queue and saw a 110 minute wait sign up…it was boiling hot and I had left my bottle of water at the Hotel…wonderful?!

However, after a long whine and twine around so many corners in a single file where many people tried to push in ahead of us which included a group of girls from Austria who disappeared when I wasn’t looking! a 55 minute wait which was amazing, we made it inside the building! approaching that glass pyramid was cool, especially after staring at it for so long! So much to see and the place was packed, we both knew that we were going to be exhausted after getting around it all so to save some time, I’ll just put up some pictures I took

I love this Blue!


There was a ton of stuff to see in just the Egyptian wing! I think me and Emma spent about 2 hours in here going up and down floors, going into crypts and walking down endless corridors and we were shattered just after this part when their were many more wings to see! How do people do it, you’d need half a day to see everything completely, it’s that busy in here! So let’s look at Sarcophagus’s!

IMG_1301 IMG_1302

We found the Greek section next and amongst other ones as well, a wide range here indeed but at this point…Emma was getting slightly bored….so uncultured! I wanted to see the Mona Lisa more than anything else though and wandered aimlessly looking for it and there was plenty of signs pointing towards it which however at first led me towards something else, something I didn’t expect to see for some reason.

IMG_1305 IMG_1306 IMG_1307 IMG_1308 IMG_1309 IMG_1310 IMG_1311

Wow, that’s quite the statue collection, kept us entertained for a few minutes I’ll admit and lord help anyone who gets lost in this maze…it’d be quite easy to do so if you weren’t paying attention to any of the signs…wander about for a few minutes not paying attention and your lost! Now…where is that body from the Da Vinci Code…I saw the ending to the movie…buried at the Louvre right??? I swear I didn’t go looking for it…was just a movie…right?

Finally, after marching down the busiest corridor in the entire building, we found the Mona Lisa but I didn’t know I would have to go through a WWE Royal Rumble Match in order to get near it, the main hall which it was in was jam packed with photographers and others looking at it, the most famous painting on the planet and I was so close to it…even though it was behind bullet proof glass and heavily protected, not surprised because you see how crazy some people get as they elbow, shove and attack others to just get a good picture of the painting…I remember been shoved many times by so many people who wanted to get where I was standing, even though it took me twenty minutes to get to that spot, I wasn’t going to give it up so easily and I managed to take some pictures but I don’t think they are that good but you be the decider in that…here they are…hope at least one of them is good.

IMG_1317 IMG_1327 IMG_1328 IMG_1329 IMG_1319

What do you think? Mind you, I had many people around me, shoving and moving me about all the time so it wasn’t easy to get as many shots as I did without getting too annoyed about it all. Eventually I met back up with Emma who was at the side of the room and we made our way back down the hallway, albeit jam packed with an army of tourists or people who couldn’t work…I saw before hand that if you were unemployed in Paris, you could see the Louvre for free somehow…something about a document you could show but anyway…I could have shown a lot more pictures but you’d be here all day, Me and Emma were glad we got to look about a Paris Attraction, unlike the Notre Dame or Eiffel Tower, we saw one of the major ones, although I think most of them are Major…Sacre Coeur was well worth the climb and the view was stunning! But I’ll remember the Louvre, it’s one of a kind if you ask me…glad I came to see it and I can see why it’s so jam packed all the time…even if the building looks like it was once someone’s mansion or something…looked really fancy and elegant…if it wasn’t a museum, it’d totally make a great place to live, bet it’d be easy to lose the bedroom though.

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