Today was a nice day, we decided to get some things done that we hadn’t done before hand, such as the day before we had attempted to try and see the Pere Lachaise graveyard…no idea why at first but why not…although after yesterday…Emma wasn’t so keen because of the big hill we had climbed up as we walked around it’s walls…bless her, a holiday and I think you should go and see as much as you can…she would prefer to relax most of the time…we don’t share the same ideas when it comes to holidays…should be a good honeymoon next year!

IMG_1387 IMG_1388          We ventured to a graveyard to have a look about it at Pere Lachaise, a place to have Oscar Wilde’s grave which was quite interesting to see, however…the most interesting part was the part just before we arrived. We left the Metro station and attempted to cross the rainbow road…it had many colors across it but as we did and we had the right of way here…a big man on a scooter came flying through and was about to go through a red light when he saw us, I pulled Emma back and he skidded to a halt, although he lent forward and his scooter went into the air, after a brief moment, he began to shout at us in French but we just finished crossing the road and he drove off shouting in French…we couldn’t help but help because he was being unreasonable, the light was red and he should have waited but no one was hurt and that’s all that matters.

IMG_1383 IMG_1384 IMG_1389 IMG_1390

That graveyard was peaceful yet kind of creepy at the same time, it looked like a little village really and we left after about an hour I would say, the girls were creeped out so let’s move on…I thought I’d mention it really because of the scooter incident, that and Oscar Wilde…I had no idea before I came out here that he was buried in Paris so it was really cool to see his grave and all that, an unexpected surprise really, so that’s wonderful.


We decided to venture towards the Eiffel Tower towards night time because we remembered on the first night, we saw the Eiffel Tower from the distance from the Arc De Triumphe and it looked really good so we decided to go along and view it. After dinner, we made our way to the Metro (We used it an awful lot) and when we arrived it was still daytime and making our way down the bank, we sat down and relaxed a little bit as the sun began to set and we saw in front of us, a little pool of water that had people swimming about in it and as it was quite hot, Myself and Ben decided to to go in as well
paris 2As you can imagine, it was quite cold and as we were quite tall, we pretty much just walked about the pool side as Emma and Evie relaxed on the hillside and as we ventured about, I saw many people sliding down one of the slopes into the water so since I was on holiday and had some time to kill and being dared to by the others, I gave it a go myself, not sure it was a good idea now but at the time, your like ‘I’m on holiday’

11899781_10206517106839771_5829473715039687535_n Well, don’t I just look silly, not my proudest moment ever as I went down the slope and didn’t go into the water, I stopped before hand, much to the laughter of the group! my shorts and shirt were soaked…then again…I had been walking about in a pool so I really should have known the chances of water splashing me were very high! Anyway, it was a fun couple of hours to waste away as night time set in and before long, the Eiffel Tower would begin to light up and it was worth the wait if you ask me, it looked great, not something you see everyday so had to take advantage of that.

IMG_1368    Paris is such a different sight to enjoy at night compared to day, all lit up and that. One thing we noticed was how many people were trying to sell us flowers, bottles of champagne amongst other things that we didn’t want and they kept coming back every say ten minutes and we would keep saying ‘No’ each time but alas, they would always come back and try again!

IMG_1373Oh well, never find, The Eiffel Tower was amazing, so much that we found ourselves staying for many hours, talking and enjoy the sight, also taking many pictures as well, a holiday wouldn’t be complete without pictures of it so you can look back and remember one day!

I honestly can not remember a better time that hours have flown by at night time and I’ve had that much fun…a long time but that night I really enjoyed, it was peaceful and relaxing and in front of a well known tourist attraction that has history…what more could you want?

IMG_1364Only a couple of days left until we go home, I’m glad we were able to see this sight before we went back home! It’s at this stage of a holiday that it sinks in…it’s soon going to be home time…not much time left.

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