Why is the bun black? It just looks so wrong but here I am about to eat one…I must be crazy! I was debating whether to get this burger or try the Crunchy Cheese Whopper! But when I asked at the till, she said they could put the crunchy cheese patty into the Halloween Whopper!! Result, what a nice lady! You really can have it your own way!

12119156_10153797444166019_6662743439985732257_nWell here it is…the unboxing and the first thing your eye is obviously drawn to is that Black Bun, I mean just look at it, you’d think they had seriously burned it or something! Like I said, it just looks wrong to the eye…the bun is not meant to be like that but I guess it fits the bill for a Halloween Burger so well done Burger King, you’ve truly freaked me out with something so simple, anyone could have done it but didn’t.

12122406_10153797449836019_8836472481207192404_nThe taste?? Well it’s pretty much just like an ordinary Whopper if you ask me, you sort of taste BBQ sauce in the bun but it’s barely noticeable! the bun’s more for appearance really and it works, besides…it’s a one off…I won’t fork out a bit extra just for a different colored bun…it ain’t a pretty patty


Overall, if I had to give it a score out of 10, I’d give it a 7/10 for it’s uniqueness and taste…barely ever got to Burger King so I don’t have Whoppers at all really, only ever had 2 in my life and I think it’s better, compared to a Big Mac…never really like Tomatoes but I did on this Burger as well as the Lettuce, NO ONIONS THOUGH! can’t stand them!

Try this at least once, it’s out until Halloween so enjoy and see you next time.

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