Ok…what’s going on…have I fallen asleep…is this a dream because from what I can see…we are 3-0 up against Manchester United…pinch me, I must be dreaming! Sanchez is on fire and along with a goal from Ozil, we have dominated so far but let’s not get carried away here guys, another 45 minutes to go and anything can happen but from here on out, we do NOT switch off, we push on wards and look for more goals! This could be a historic win for us today and we really need it for morale! No word if Sanchez was injured by that last tackle before the half ended but Come on guys! Get behind the team and lets finish off the Red Devils and get back in this title race!

United began to come back in it at the end and it could have been 3-1…if it were not for a great save by Cech to deny Martial! Overall a great first half but DON’T SWITCH OFF ARSENAL, PLEASE!!! I beg You to keep in the game and win!! Make this a fantastic weekend before the International break, Arsenal…make the Emirates roar!!!!!!

2nd Half coming up Next

Goals: Sanchez x 2 Ozil


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