Well we have done it! Arsenal have convincingly defeated a main rival in the Barclay’s Premier League, That’s right…Arsenal beat Manchester United 3-0 at the Emirates Stadium and have moved to 2nd place in the Premier League, over Man U by goal difference before the international break! 2nd is fantastic, especially since Sky Sports let us know that we haven’t beat Man U by 2 clear goals for 14 years…well we beat them by 3! Fantastic result for Arsenal, we really needed this vital win today, not just for points, not just for morale but also just so we could prove that to ourselves and the world that Arsenal can still beat the so called ‘big boys’ of English Football! Well done Arsenal, you made us proud today and well done Arsene Wenger, it’s nice to see that you can get angry and show us just how good you really are and no matter how annoyed I can get at you sometimes, I never want you to leave…deny it all you want #WengerOut fans but this man has transformed us into the team that we are…be careful what you wish for when you wish this man walked out of our door! Look at…well Man U when Ferguson left…do you really want that for us?


This fixture is always a good one and today was no exception, we have a win under our belts and can hold our heads up high, knowing that we defeated the once great Manchester Club, according to this great Arsenal Fan who’s great interview is interrupted by the sudden sacking of Liverpool Manager Brendan Rodgers!

Here are a couple of other Arsenal Fan TV Videos of our great fans reacting to the great win!

Two fantastic goals by Alexis Sanchez and another by Ozil gave us victory and I can’t deny that it doesn’t feel good to finally defeat United in the league, it’s been a long time coming and we earned this victory, we worked hard and we outplayed Man U in the first half but I’ll admit we did switch off somewhat in the second half yet…it did not matter as United could not get the ball in our net, mainly because of Petr Cech…that wonderful player who I still can’t believe Chelsea sold to us, he’s fantastic and in my opinion, better than any of the keepers Chelsea have! This is a great team and in the Premier League at least, we have been great…apart from West Ham but forget about the UCL today…we’ll talk about that in a couple of weeks when we have Bayern Munich. Enjoy today Arsenal Fans, we earned this one and we need to push on now, one win against a rival is great but let’s get another as well, let’s be consistent and not let this be a one off! We are a sleeping giant that is slowly waking up and like Henry said…this is the best year to win a title, especially if we are knocked out of the Champions League but if we do, I’d prefer 4th than 3rd because 3rd means Europa League and that dreaded Thursday night game which isn’t good if you want to win the Premier League but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

I’ll admit I’m happy and can’t help but feel somewhat biased in saying that Arsenal were by far the superior team today, we got out of the blocks quicker, got the goals and hung on to the win whereas Man U came at us with route one attacking and couldn’t break through, you could see the frustration on Rooney’s face…our usual slayer! United were decent today just not enough to score four goals today…or even one but they’ll be back…it’s a race between Arsenal, Manchester City and Manchester United, I would mention Chelsea as well normally but as of right now, you need a telescope to see them down in 16th place!

Next Game: Watford (a)

Points earned: 13


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