Well this is a big one lads as today, we face one of our greatest rivals, Manchester United and the pressure could not be on the Gunners more because of the disaster that took place against Olympiakos Where We Lost 3-2 at Home!! a disaster of epic proportions, however I think we can turn this bad fortune around and get 3 points today against Man United. Now I know it’s hard to imagine that because of Arsenal’s latest game but we have been doing well in the Premier League so for today, let’s put the Champions League out of our minds and focus purely on the Premier League because that’s what’s important today…getting 3 points and further distancing ourselves from Chelsea who are in a bigger shambles then I can ever remember them being in…what is the Special One thinking?? Something like this

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Emirates-Stadium-designed-by-Populous-©-Simon-Warren1-990x465We are at the Emirates so you would think we could have the advantage however, we have lost to West Ham at the Emirates which was rather worrying and going back to the UCL for a second, lost to Olympiakos so two losses at home…that needs to change as the Emirates is our fortress…nothing like the mighty Highbury but there you go! I miss Highbury…I don’t care if it was smaller, it was our ground and now the Emirates just feels like an advertisement gimmick for Emirates….nothing like Sports Direct and Newcastle but Highbury was a real stadium name!


A big history exists between both clubs, you have Wenger vs Ferguson, Vieira vs Keane… Giggs Knocking Arsenal out of the F.A Cup, Wenger vs Pizza!, 8-2! Welbeck knocking United out of the F.A Cup it’s been one of my more enjoyable rivalries, one that I miss now because it isn’t as big as it once was, it used to be the most exciting game of the Premier League calendar in the 2000’s as both clubs fought over who would win the League, that was until money bags Chelsea and City forced their way in…kicking poor Liverpool down the table in the process! Recently, we have down well against United…we knocked them out of the F.A Cup last season, lost to them and drew with them so not bad, so fast forward to today and United are slightly ahead of us in the title race yet a win will send us straight back into the race ourselves and further separate Chelsea from the race but let’s have nothing like this today lads!

Keane-Vieira-telegraphNo way do I want an 8-2 thrashing again, once is enough…I’ll only accept that if it’s us winning 8-2! I have a feeling that today is going to be a great game of football, especially as it’s on the same day as Liverpool vs Everton, PSG VS Marseille, Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid and Dortmund vs Munich, what a day of football we have ahead of us! I think our game is the headliner though, it has so much history and has great significance for the Premier League Title race whereas Everton vs Liverpool…not near the summit but it has plenty of history but I’ll say Everton wins and Rodgers goes!

My Team For The Game

Goalkeeper Cech (IT HAD BETTER BE!)

Defenders– Bellerin, Metresacker, Gabriel, Monreal

Midfielders- Sanchez, Ozil, Cazorla, Coquelin, Chamberlain

Striker- Giroud (I’d prefer Walcott)

My Prediction- I’ll go for a 3-2 win for Arsenal…it’ll be a good game with both going for a big win so I want goals! A goal from Sanchez as I think he’s back in good form and as for the others, I’ll go for a Cazorla goal and a Giroud late strike


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