Brendan Rodgers…he nearly won the league…nearly but will that be remembered? Today came about news that many have been waiting for…which is a shock to some but not by most, Brendan Rodgers was sacked today by Liverpool and was announced on Sky Sports just after Arsenal defeated Manchester United 3-0 and for many Liverpool fans, they are probably like this tonight


Here is Liverpool’s YouTube Redman TV has to has regarding this!

Now with this sacking done and dusted, the question now is who on Earth is coming in to take over during this upcoming International Break…well it could be this guy….do you think?

Or not…who knows but they need someone good to get Liverpool where they want to go! Someone who can knock out Arsenal, United, City or perhaps Chelsea out of that elusive 4th spot…unless Italy overtake England in the UCL rankings and we only get 3 places then the job gets that much harder! Is it the right time to get rid of Rodgers? He’s had 3 years and nearly led Liverpool to the Premier League Crown but ‘slipped’ at the last hurdle! From then, he has purchased Mario Balotelli, sold Luis Suarez and had over 40 shots against Carlisle before beating them by penalties…it won’t be easy but I think a whole overhaul of Liverpool players is needed if they want to get back into the top once again, the current crop just isn’t good enough, sorry to say but compared to Arsenal’s, City’s or United’s….it just isn’t…it’s not miles off but it needs work and to not always sell their best players!

How do Liverpool Fans really feel about the sacking of Brendan Rodgers? Was it the right time to go or was it at the wrong time and who should come in to replace him, Klopp…Ancelotti or someone else?

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