Derby Day in Merseyside today as Everton take in Liverpool at Goodison Park in a clash that is always important, even if nothing is at stake. Always a good game and one that Liverpool desperately needs to win today or it is possible that Liverpool Manager Brendan Rodgers faces the sack! 

It doesn’t look good for Liverpool at the moment as results aren’t always going there way when it comes to winning the Premier a League in recent seasons, even Top 4 seems out of reach! Maybe a win today can change things about for them??? Or maybe only a change in manager will be able to do that….would Klopp come to Anfield?? Who knows but I don’t think a sudden change up too will immediately change things, I think new players need to come in as well.

As for Everton, they’d love nothing more than a win over their neighbours! Liverpool just need a win! It’s going to be good what ever happens! Il go for a 3-1 win for Everton, sorry but for me, Can isn’t a defender and I have a feeling hel let a goal or two through! 

Let’s Go!

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