I feel as if I am somewhat super sensitive to so many things yet I have never really thought about it until recently, like when I per say get punched, nipped or poked…it might not bother many people so much but for me, I feel it so much more, that’s just one example…another could be temperature when it’s cold…my fiance will complain that it’s really cold yet…I don’t always feel it…I feel warm most of the time and it drives her crazy…I can feel cold…it just has to be freezing for her so it can be cold for me

I don’t know if it has anything to do with my Autism or not…this extra sensitivity that for something, I have never really took much notice off…I just assumed I was warm blooded or something! As for the contact with other things…my fiance can put her hands in warm water and it can be fine, yet for me….it always feels scalding and I struggle with it…it can be annoying really because I just don’t understand it…when I have a bath, what’s warm for her is boiling for me….it can be horrible really and I just don’t understand it…can anyone understand? Is it anything to do with Autism or is it something else all entirely…I only mention it because of a conversation I had once with someone who was referring to another person with Autism and they told me that this person struggled with contact with other people, that a touch would be much more painful to them than anyone else…I don’t know but it just feels weird to me…since I don’t feel the cold as much but really feel the heat…am I warm blooded?

More soon


  1. This makes sense to me. During my diagnosis I did some tests so they could work out a sensory profile. Apparently, different people have different ranges of things (like temperature) where they feel comfortable. Like you I am OK in the cold. I really dislike hot weather though.

  2. (Opps – pressed send before I was finished!)

    My main sensitivities are to touch, especially light touch which feels painfully uncomfortable to me, and sound – especially pop music – which I can’t cope with at all. But other people on the spectrum will have diffferent sensitivities and people who are not on the spectrum can have sensitivities too – it’s just more common in autistic people.

    Interesting post – thanks!

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