Well isn’t this just spiffing…I’m in the middle of an argument with my fiance and it’s just awful…the drama of it all, is it really necessary, I mean I have every right but I just don’t enjoy how my Autism can be brought into things sometimes and what I mean by that is some people think I get angry BECAUSE I have Autism…ok then?? My Fiance doesn’t do that but others have done before in the past which is quite confusing…surely others get…angry…I mean to just think that…is silly…surely? What a day, feel a bit agitated and mad to be honest, I mean we are getting married in a year and I wanted to get something sorted today, we had arranged to do so because I’m busy the rest of the week and we only have a limited amount of time to do this yet as I was all prepared to do this thing, her friend comes around and she spends about Three hours in the living room and in the end…as she went off to work, I had to quickly go and do the job all by myself which annoyed me greatly because I wasn’t 100% confident of doing it all by myself, alas I was able to but I was still angry about the whole thing…we could have gone and done this job and then she could have gone to see her friend…it only took a few minutes and would have been that much easier if she was there with me…I don’t want to have to do everything for this wedding! It’s OUR day…why do I sometimes feel like I’m doing more for it?! I thought it was the bride that was meant to be getting flustered and angry up to the actual day, not the groom.

What am I like, every couple argues, it’s normal…and to be fair…I have made it up to her…hope she likes it…I know how much she loves Disney…I’m in the wrong just as much as she is…I shouldn’t have lost my temper like that.


I’M BEING A LITTLE HARSH, SHE DOES DO THINGS FOR THIS BIG DAY….whoops, caps lock on! It’s just this one incident but it still upset me somewhat because I want us to do it all together and so far we have and…well I’m tired from working all week and she works only in the afternoons so I have less time to get these things done and really wanted to get it done today! Maybe I just need a hot drink and watch something good on TV or something to feel better…oh to be in love

More Soon

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