Imagine the situation, one of the scariest that can realistically ever happen to the Human Race…it is announced on the News all over the world that the Hubble Space Telescope has spotted a Comet directly on course for our planet, it’a round 9 miles in length and is to hit the planet in just about a months time, it is to be an extinction type collision that would likely wipe out most life on the planet…the Human Race as we know it is likely to be extinct!

Think about it….you pretty much have a few weeks left to live…everything suddenly changes as panic spreads all around you, looting and violence breaks out but what do you do in this event that is likely to destroy the Human Race, do you panic or do you stay calm…if that is possible…I don’t know about you but if only a month was left before a Comet hit the Planet Earth which would likely block out the Sun, meaning that nothing grows which would mean food would eventually run out amongst various other chaotic things that wipe Humans and other animals off the map….I’d make the most of my last days and do as many things as I wanted to get done in life done if I could….I mean, why not…you only have a month…screw what happens because you know what will happen at the end of it all…total and utter annihilation and like the Dinosaurs, extinction!

So…you have 30 Days…what would you do?

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  1. I guess at first I would try to work out if there was any way to survive it – if there was then I would set about doing that with my son as my first priority. Given that there is no way to survive they I would do what I could to help my son face what is coming, to find some kind of peace and relax if that’s possible – or maybe fulfil some of his lifetime dreams. I also have a dog who is terrified of loud noises and I would hate her to die in terror, so, near the end, when I was sure that that would be her fate otherwise, I would try to find a way to put her to sleep in a relaxed and gentle way so she didn’t suffer.

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