Now this is my biggest problem at the moment or it has been for quite a few years now…my constant worrying over everything that happens…I worry so much over the smallest of things and it gets quite annoying because I always think the worst will happen every single time and I don’t know if I can prevent these thoughts from happening because I’m unsure if it’s anything to do with my Autism or not. I’ll give you an example of an incident that happened recently to show you just how bad my head can overreact to it…I’ve gotten over it but it was tough to do so.

An example was yesterday when I was walking home with my fiance after a long day of work and she then asked me to hold her hand as she was starting to fall behind so I did so and pulled her forward but then at that moment…a van beeped and for a second, I thought it was directed at me because I was helping my fiance along…my brain started to worry that they assumed that I was abusing her or something…now I know I have no proof that it was directed at me but I can’t stop worrying about it, despite

  • My Fiance laughed and said she was having fun
  • I’ve been told repeatedly that I’ve done nothing wrong
  • My Fiance asked me to do what I did and said it was fun
  • It’s not exactly abuse helping someone along

Yet I thought about it for quite a few hours afterwards and got quite upset about it, I was worried that something would happen like the Police coming round or the people from the van attacking me or something in some sort of attempt to stop me from hurting my fiance….my mind can be quite extreme! I did nothing wrong and for all I know, the Van was beeping at someone else… or they just the wrong end of the stick…who knows but it could have just been a coincidence!  Nothing else happened, we just went home…now I know I would never hurt Emma in any way! In fact, I’d hurt anyone who did hurt her….I’ll always protect her! Yet I worried and panicked that people would think I was a bad person which is untrue and my Fiance got worried about me because she saw how much it affected me…she couldn’t stop telling me that it was nothing and she had forgotten all about the incident but I kept bringing it back up! I couldn’t help it…I guess when I don’t know why something has happened, I obsess over it because I’m afraid of having that same van come by again and something worse happens which of course I’ve been told is ridiculous…it’s none of their business what happens between me and my fiance or anyone else in fact.;’s probably all in my head after all…my head does tend to panic and think the worst…how about thinking the best for once head?

Anyone else worry over the smallest things and create scenarios in their minds


  1. Yes I’m EXACTLY like you! I worry over the smallest things in life and if someone comments on something I will spend a while mulling it over trying to understand it. Your head is like mine. It thinks the worst case scenario every time it panics. I find sort of talking to myself and over riding those thoughts in my head help…like ‘I didn’t do anything wrong and I am coping well in this situation’ repeating things like this help to override the not so helpful thoughts in my mind! 🙂

    1. I’m glad that someone else understands just how frustrating it can be to worry so much over things that really don’t need to BUT WE DO ANYWAY! it’s a big relief because it often feels like I’m alone in that department

  2. I have very very similar experiences all the time. Personally, for me, I think it’s because, living with high functioning autism / aspergers, I frequently experience sudden reverals where things seemed from my perspective to be going fine and then suddenly everyone is angry with me and I don’t understand what I’ve done. My whole life has been like that. It happens I think becuase I can’t read the social signs that say this is right that is wrong – I just go by a set of rules which I’m constantly refining.

    Anyway, if a person has experienced repeated instances of suddenly doing something wrong with no intention of doing anything wrong it becomes completely normal to worry about every little thing.

    The best way I have developed to deal with this (and I am still working on it) is to accept that there will be mistakes I will make unintentionally and many many times when I will make no mistake but worry about it. So look at a situation I’m worried about and try to work out the truth of it. Then I work out what assertive thing I would say to someone who misunderstood what happened and then I go forward being a decent and loving as I can. It’s not perfect but it’s the best I can do at the moment.
    Hope you feel comforted by not being alone in this experience. If you have any advice I would love to hear it too.
    Thanks, Jo

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