I hear the phrase ‘Autistic people can think outside of the box’ actually quite a lot and I just had to think about it and whether that applies to me as well and it didn’t take me very long to come up with a time that I did think outside of the box and come up with a master piece of an idea. I don’t intend to blow my own trumpet here guys but from what certain people have told me when I tell them about what happened, they make it sound like it’s one of the best stories they have ever heard…so yeah, there you go! I can only off what feedback I’ve received so far. I warn you though, this story has a bit of a disgusting start to it, sort of like the beginning of the Ugly Duckling I think…a start where an ugly incident begins us off but it turns into a beautiful ending where if it wasn’t for the unfortunate incident, the majestic finish may have been so much different…you’ll have to decide for yourself on that matter when you get to the end of this blog

It all happened Three Years ago…around this time in fact, I was a University student and well, I had suffered an accident in a class and whilst it involved me bleeding all over the performance area floor….it was someone accidentally stepping on my toe! I would end up suffering with an ingrown toe nail! Nasty right? it was quite an epidemic for me as it was the third time I had ever had one, the first when I was 17 so three in eight years! and a few weeks later, I had just had surgery to remove it…they even asked if I wanted to…keep it…yeah be a real hit with the ladies that one! and was sat in the University’s Health Center…waiting for the news that I would have to have it taken care of with constant bandage changes and salt bath soaks for the next couple of months or so…you know, casual worries when it comes to your toes and all that but it was here that I got into a talk with one of the nurses who I had been going to every week, she’d take the bandage off and put a fresh one on etc and she would often ask how University was going as well as my relationship with my girlfriend etc I had told her I was thinking of proposing to her sometime in the future and she happened to mention how she was going to go on a cruise with her husband to mainland Europe somewhere and it was at that point that I decided to put 2 and 2 together and come up with a plan of my own.

Of course it would take a while for my toe to fully recover so it hurt to walk about for a while but despite that, I began to make my plan happen and my first part was to tell a little fib to my girlfriend because we had talked about being married in the future so she may have had an idea that I could propose someday in the future and next month would have been two years since we started going out with each other and I just felt like she might expect it then so one night when she came to visit me…I told her that I was thinking about proposing to her next Easter and she accepted that… well to be honest, I had thought about proposing to her in the summer but sadly, Her grandmother passed away and I felt that the timing would be just wrong so I postponed my plan for another day. She was excited about the Easter Idea so I was certain that she believed me, although she had no idea that I would soon book a mini cruise to Belgium for the weekend in a month’s time.

Next I would need to purchase an engagement ring and by lucky chance, we had gone into a ring store a few weeks ago and she had been looking at engagement rings and I had by chance remembered her ring size, so….one night after I had finished a class, I rushed over to the store and without a second thought, purchased the engagement ring…it was getting real now! I was actually doing this thing! Hiding the ring from her would be another matter, I mean where can you hide an engagement ring in a small University style bedroom with a cupboard size bathroom and a couple of wardrobes, especially when she likes to keep things clean and moves things about all the time?? Well it wasn’t easy but every weekend, I would place the ring in the only place I knew she would never look….I hid the ring in my University bag, right at the bottom under piles of papers and pens…not very romantic but effective, she would never go near that bag so as far as I was concerned, the ring was safe and I could move onto the next part of my plan…getting her families permission for her hand in marriage…not always done in this day and age but I was going to do it and I also needed her Passport as well so she wouldn’t ask any questions so two birds…one stone, hopefully.

Part Two Next


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