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You know what’s stupid in WWE….


That’s stupid in the WWE right now…seriously if you’ve watched WWE at all since the summer, you’ll have noticed WWE’s lamest attempt to make the Divas relevant since this bore fest came into existence, one that WWE may never recover from


Don’t get me wrong, many people enjoy this show and that’s fine but it doesn’t make Women’s Wrestling any better and how bad must the Divas Division have really been if they needed this show in the first place? I don’t recall their being a Total Divas show when Trish Stratus or Lita were about…and what is so revolutionizing about it anyway…3 new Divas come up from NXT, wrestle some tag matches and single matches in 3 teams and spend the rest of the time bickering about who started this nightmare…why would you be proud of that…and I thought Roman Reigns was shoved down the fans throats…I mean how can we as fans take the Divas seriously when Nikki Bella is the longest reigning champion and this atrocity is going to come up sooner or later to the roster

       God help us all!

Not to mention in the last few weeks….Veteran Natalya randomly returned on Raw and they even mentioned her not being around for months…well to be honest…I forgot all about her not being on the show but can you blame me for that…it’s probably because she was awful in her last stint…I have never gotten the obsession over her…what because she trained in the Hart Dungeon?? When did she last hold the championship…or do anything that any one actually cared about…I mean being with the Great Khali and Hornswoggle, that was great! seems so long ago that she was a part of the Divas of Doom! Anyway, the point is that this so called revolution has been a joke, never interesting at all…nothing has changed apart from the Divas Championship being defended even less then before…Paige can’t get a win or a decent crowd response when she’s on the mic…I watched the episode where she tried to do the same as A.J Lee and have a pipe bomb moment….it was flatter then you’d expect it to be for what she was saying and yes that maybe because of the crowd that night but even the part where she mentioned the Bellas getting where they are bit…almost nothing and I’m British yet think she should lay off the mic and just wrestle!

And I move on to Charlotte now, the new champ…you know the Diva that’s Dad got her in the door… now I never intend to defend the Bellas! But how is what they’ve done that much different to having a parent get you into the WWE, not to mention the Divas Championship? how’s that any different? She’s bad on the mic and acts like her Father way too much…you know what would be interesting, going out on your own and not riding your Father’s coat tails! AND STOP CRYING ALL THE TIME…your voice sounds so flat on the mic that I forget that Paige has issues on the mic!

Just watch how flat this segment is…

compared to A.J’S

Which is better in your mind? I know which one I preferred.

Not to be rude here but who is Becky Lynch exactly…I can’t watch NXT so I only hear about the show but out of all the Divas that have come up onto the main roster, she’s bored me so much…I just don’t get it…at least Charlotte and Paige have been inserted properly into this Revolution, I always just get the feeling that Becky Lynch is there just for the sake of it…heck even Brie Bella has a more legit reason to be in this story line…she just stands behind Charlotte every episode and compared to Paige and Charlotte doesn’t have that much of a personality as of yet…no wonder some don’t think she’ll go far in WWE at the moment…I want her to but she won’t if she just stands along side Charlotte…turn on her and stand on your own I say…this whole team thing is stupid anyway…I mean would Naomi and Tamina really be happy if Sasha won the Championship? I mean Paige lost the plot…the only reason the teams exsist is because of the Bellas….if they go then their probably won’t need to have teams anymore…Sasha, Becky and Charlotte can shine like in NXT and we can all be happy!

Sasha Banks…now that’s the best thing since Paige and A.J Lee to come out of NXT, clearly the best wrestler in this revolution and needs to win that Championship…make that happen WWE! Now that would make the Revolution a bit better but no more Bellas and for the love of everything that is holy…get Naomi a new finisher….using your Rump is not a finisher! The only thing this revolution has somewhat done is stopped everyone from using their matches as bathroom breaks…only because they last a little longer now so even if you do go….you’ll be back before it finishes so you’ll have to see some of the match anyway….I bet you’d hear BRIE MODE! anyway wherever you are…you poor thing must hurt your ears with that ear piercing cry!

I hear that the Bellas might be leaving WWE (Please God) so if so…I’d just love this scenario to come full circle on their final night 

do that WWE, have Kharma return and destroy the Bellas and you have a Revolution as far as I’m concerned! Imagine Sasha Banks vs Kharma, Charlotte vs Kharma or Paige vs Kharma, I’d watch any of those matches any day but since it’s WWE, it’ll never happen because when do they do things that the fans actually want….I mean how many people actually wanted Cena to be 1 behind Ric Flair for reigns?

I mean we can’t lose the Bellas…not when they do great acting like this!

To have a Revolution, it would have been so much better if WWE hadn’t had a grudge against A.J Lee…sorry but EVERYONE knows why the Bellas are where they are…WWE can’t fool anyone thanks to the Internet and having Nikki Bella have that belt as long as she did in my opinion undermines Women Wrestling, I mean if Paige, Sasha Banks, Natalya and yes Charlotte have it, it’s a lot better because those women can actually wrestle and the fans know can put on a show because I don’t really care what a woman looks like in the ring, as long as she can wrestle then I’ll watch her and be a fan because it’s about talent and passion for what your doing but I always feel that WWE just cares about appearance sometimes… but because WWE has this obsession with putting anyone who looks pretty into the ring and give them a belt that they’ll be an inspiration…you mean like Kelly Kelly Summer Rae, Lana or Maria? but don’t get me wrong it’s not only women where the wrong people get belts…Hornswoggle was a champion once…Great Khali…Santino Marella…Heath Slater….maybe

I honestly didn’t think that the WWE could make the Divas any more boring to watch…well they always find new ways to prove me wrong…well cut the soppy drama story lines, cancel Total Divas! XFL was a better idea! get Sasha Banks vs Paige for Wrestlemania on the cards and perhaps even Women Tag Team Championships…you have many Divas but only one championship for them to fight over and cut down the stupid promos you have for Divas…how amny more Miz TV’s can we take?…and they wonder why the ratings continue to slip every week…oh well, I can hope that a decent change for the Divas happens sooner rather than later but at least Sasha Banks is a shining light that could save this horrible story line….Charlotte needs a bit of work as does Paige and Becky needs more than that…The Bellas are a lost cause and as for Naomi and Tamina…I’m undecided whether I’ll care for them again or not…still debating if watching paint dry is more interesting then the Divas Revolution.


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