Hello Internet, This Is your DailyPickMeUp! And this blog user is Autistic, so naturally I write a lot about Autism and how it affects my life but I also write about the things that I love as well which include Arsenal FC, Mystery Files, WWE and just general things that happen in the world so feel free to look about and have a read and enjoy your DailyPickMeUp!

Last time, we began this little story of having Autism and being creative, is there a link? I’ve heard it many times in my life that we can think outside the box and it just intrigued me to find out so I had a think and soon enough, I had a time in my life where I was very creative and I’ll share that experience with you right now! I hope you enjoy. So in part one, we would cover…

  • The bases of Autism and being creative
  • How the Idea began
  • Buying the engagement ring

All of that can be found in Part 1- READ IT!

I mean I did some research…ok I googled it and I found this straight away Autism Creative Thinking Study I could put a couple more links down but I can’t be bothered so let’s continue with part 2 which basically consists of asking my girlfriends family for her hand in marriage, getting hold of her passport, making sure no one says anything to her and the day of travel to Hull.

Last time I was about to ask my girlfriends family for her hand in marriage and in order to do that without raising suspicion…I traveled from Huddersfield to her home town on a Friday morning when I knew she would be out and by chance, I was right…when I arrived it was only her aunt and uncle who were in. They were of course surprised that I was there…considering I was living about 60 miles away at University, they were hardly expecting a visit from me…in fact as I stepped inside, her aunt said to me

Are you breaking up with her…do you not want to see her ever again?”

I think she was so surprised that I had traveled all that way that it must have been for something serious and I was taken aback by this…that was the last thing on my mind but I think my sudden arrival when Emma wasn’t there was for a serious reason but I was quick to shut that down and I told her why I was really there and I think she wept slightly and also breathed a sigh of relief and said yes almost straight away, however I also needed her Uncle’s approval and he was really old-fashioned so I didn’t think it would be easy at all but fortunately, he eventually agreed which was a massive relief….so I had the approval and of course they gave me her passport and agreed to not say anything to her at all but that would just raise another question for me…Because I had told Emma that we were going to Hull for a weekend (I know…can’t believe she believed that either) her friends sort of knew my intentions and one of them asked me about it and I knew that this was bad…I had to make sure that she wouldn’t say anything at all to Emma or it would be game over for the surprise…so one day, I took another trip to Settle, North Yorkshire to see one of her best friends Catherine for obvious reasons, I was determined that no one would ruin my secret  and we took a little walk around the countryside, pretty much in the middle of nowhere and by the end of the walk, I was able to convince her to not speak to Emma by text, phone call or online until we got back…it took a few hours of course and she came up with the excuse that she had so much college work to get done that she had no time to talk for a few weeks… I won’t say how…don’t worry, I think I just said how upset would your friend be if you ended up spoiling something like this for her and she agreed although admitted it would be hard to not say anything…Emma fell for it and with that done…nothing bad happened all the way to the day of travel…the ring was always hidden away and her passport, that would take some explaining if she had found that!

Now because Emma had no idea that we were going abroad for the weekend so naturally…I would be paying for everything in Belgium…thank god it’s just for a weekend! So on the Saturday morning, I boarded the train from Huddersfield to Hull and Emma got on at Leeds now the reason we got on at different stations was that I wanted to make sure that everything was alright such as the ring, money and passports without her seeing, I had to make sure that nothing would go wrong before I could tell her when I was ready…I had told her we would stay in a hotel in Hull for the weekend and she seemed excited by that…we got to Hull in good time and it was a while until we could board the ship so we went to Hull’s town center and wandered about but Emma would ask about going to the hotel and dropping off the luggage so I quickly said we’ll go to the Cities aquarium ‘The Deep’ so we made our way over but as we approached it, DISASTER STRUCK! what do I see over the road…the hotel that I said we would be staying in…Emma suggested we drop our luggage off and then go to the aquarium….I quickly said the first thing that came into my head….’That’s the wrong hotel!’ she looked at me with a confused face and I told her that we were at the other hotel on the other side of the city and amazingly…she believed me….I was so relieved, stupid hotel!

Anyway a couple of hours later, we had looked about the aquarium and time was getting on so as she went to look about the gift shop, I quietly snuck away and called for a taxi before we went outside…it was here that I had no choice but to tell her that we were not staying in Hull…I didn’t tell her about the proposal, just that we were going to Belgium for the weekend. We stood in the car park and she asked about going to the Hotel when I grabbed her arm to stop her from walking…she looked at me and I said that there was no hotel, she was really confused at this point and I told her that I had a little surprise for her, we were going to Bruges in Belgium for the weekend and…she didn’t believe that at first….wait so she believed we’d stay in Hull for the weekend but Bruges is too much?! Anyway to prove it, I pulled out her passport which really surprised her! she quickly rang up her Aunt about the passport and shortly after squealed happily…she looked very happy which was a relief…imagine if she went ‘No thanks’ I’d have been devastated! Anyway the taxi arrived and we got in, heading towards the docks and hopefully, a weekend to remember always.

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