What is this thing I hear…all of these people that complain about the hardships of life….all of you who like having a moan or a whinge when something doesn’t go your way…it happens to us all so your not alone in that department, I should know…my shoe laces came undone when I went for a walk today…what an inconvenience! But this week seems to have been dominated by this headline!


All those 5p charges for plastic bags in supermarkets and other shops and people are taking their trolleys home because of it! seriously…Taking Trolleys… it’s only 5p…what’s the issue?! Who knows but it has so many riled up over it and losing their minds…save the environment or continue to litter our planet with plastic bags?? hmmmm let’s face it, after all we’ve done to this planet, isn’t it about time we do something to make it right?  Not to mention that Aldi have charged for ages…never hear anyone complain about that?!

AsdaDM_203x150People are dying in the Middle east in a violent, bloody and death conflict but no…5p bag charge in stores everywhere! this is outrageous…no wonder Scotland and Wales are laughing at England right now…these two countries have had bag charges for a while now and seem to be used to it so is that what it will take…time? we shall wait and see… but it’s been taken way out of hand! what a week! I mean it’s less then 2 months till Christmas and we have Halloween at the end of the month…let’s get excited and prepared for a very fun time of the year…not moan and whinge over such petty things…you’ll have plenty of time to do that when an inch of snow drops and shuts all the airports and trains down….your stuck in traffic for five hours waiting for that gritter to make the roads smoother to drive and your stuck with your kids all day because school’s cancelled for the day! I’m sure many will have plenty to complain about then, not to mention Christmas shopping…but heck…why wait until snow comes when we already have a hazard all around us….on the streets, roads and train tracks as we speak…don’t know what I’m talking about….how about this


Those darn leaves! watch your step or you’ll be on the ground…better slow that train down or it’ll fly off the tracks…leaves are hazards and their are millions of them all over the place…sure their fun to kick about but can put in hospital as fast as a UFC match with Ronda Rousey, now that’s something to complain about!

Here’s what one train company has to say about leaves on tracks

When leaves fall on the tracks, they are compressed down and mulched by passing trains and become a slippery substance that is not only very difficult to remove but also creates greasy track conditions, just like black ice on the road. And like a warning for black ice when you’re in your car, our train drivers have to take extra care when braking and accelerating, which can lead to delays.

What a week though! More next week

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