You see that picture as my featured image, that was my face after watching this! Let me explain, with every thing in life, such as Video Games, TV shows, Sports etc there is always one thing about these things you should avoid…always one and in this case, I look to Anime and a show that I wish I had never bothered to check out…wheres the time machine? what can I say though, it was recommend (as a joke) in Facebook posts, and all over the internet…people suggest this particular Anime called BOKU NO PICO but I have always looked the other way and never bothered until today…i THOUGHT IT WAS JUST FOR A REALLY BAD ANIME THAT EVERYONE FELT WAS HILARIOUS…SORRY FOR ALL THE CAPS BUT IT’S THAT SHOCKING…when I saw a YouTuber called PewDiePie watch some of it and I thought he was just messing around so I thought, I’ll watch just a little bit and if it sucks…I’ll turn it off so I watched Episode 1 and everything seemed fine at first…nice normal Anime but that lasts for about a couple of minutes, YOUR MIND IS THEN BLOWN AND SLAMMED BY THE SHOCK AND HORROR OF WHAT YOU SEE! The girl IS A BOY! WHO WANTS TO MAKE FRIENDS….HOW DOES IT ESCALATE TO…WELL YOU KNOW WHAT! HE LOOKS 12 AND HOW OLD IS THAT GUY…WHO WATCHES THIS AND GOES…I REALLY ENJOYED THAT…I can almost forgive Oriemo for that stupid ending where the brother and sister become a couple…almost! Clannad…forgiven because none of those comes close to two minutes of Boku no Pico…I mean it’s October right now and almost Halloween…this scares me more than any Horror movie ever could!


   THAT LOOKS LIKE A                         GIRL!!!!!

I hate it when Anime does this, makes a boy look like a girl! but that is the LEAST bad thing about this…if that were the only issue then everything would be fine BUT IT ISN’T! the other guy makes him wear feminine clothing and this goes on for 3 episodes but that car…ice cream and it just escalates from there… with some WEIRD STUFF that makes you question your sanity for still watching it… and it just gets weirder and weirder….it won’t suddenly get normal! you know you shouldn’t watch but you can’t help it! it’s so unreal and shocking you think ”ok, it’ll finish here but no!” it goes on and on…why did they make this….What were they thinking….I need to wash my eyes of this filth because it’s an abomination that you wouldn’t make your worst enemy watch…you wouldn’t find it funny…you’d feel bad for them because no one should be traumatized by this! THAT’S JUST CRUEL! How is this allowed?? it’s clearly something meant for a certain age only yet its an anime!  The only mercy here is it was only 3 episodes! I had heard of this before but never actually had any idea what it was about…How can I unwatch this???? maybe if I watch DBZ from start to finish or Full Metal Alchemist or maybe I could take my sorrow out by building a huge structure in Minecraft! or I could just go for a long run until I either collap0se from exhaustion and I lose my memory! But if someone dares you to watch this anime…RUN! just run, you’ll thank yourself because once you’ve watched…you can’t unwatch it!

Why Japan, WHY?!

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