Watch this promo and decide for yourself about Roman Reigns…

I’ve read all over the place that Vince McMahon is planning to once again force Roman Reigns down our throats! Does that mean we’ll see him win the Royal Rumble once again this year? I hope not…I’d like us to have a Royal Rumble where the winner isn’t booed out of the building for a change! The last two years we’ve had the winner booed…can we have one cheered this time please and don’t let Daniel Bryan win either…he’s good but I’m just too afraid he’ll just get injured again. If you watched Raw this week, you’ll have seen Reigns wrestle Strowman and how bad he was on the mic…I was praying for him to just shut up and fight because it was getting so boring…how can a guy be so bad on the mic but be a front runner for the WWE Championship…Chicago booed him! Badly! he faces Wyatt at Hell in a Cell and I bet he wins and moves onto another feud…likely to be against Seth Rollins at Survivor Series where I expect Rollins to finally lose the belt…I don’t know why, I just have a feeling because I really don’t want Rollins to have a long reign just to spite CM Punk, that just makes WWE look like big babies in my opinion…they can’t get over it and in the process we had to suffer through Nikki Bellas reign…don’t do the same with Rollins…especially the way you’ve booked him WWE! if you had done so differently then I’d have no issue…but you’ve made him so cowardly…it’s embarrassing now!

Is Reigns a better choice as champion though? Not the way he is, I mean Lesnar owned him at Wrestlemania! Rollins pinned him to win the belt and fans have struggled to cheer him like the number one guy or even close to that….apart from the odd few weeks but please, make him a heel or something and work with that because as a face, he’s terrible…so bad it’s unbelievable…like I said last year…make Reigns start with a reign with either the I.C or U.S Championships and see how it goes, don’t just feed him the WWE Championship! NO ONE LIKES IT WHEN WE ARE FORCED TO LIKE SOMEONE! Have WWE not learnt that yet? or will they ever? maybe once Vince retires! HHH does great work with NXT so there is hope for the future but for here and now…it looks like we may have to put up with Roman Reigns in the driver seat to either de throne Seth Rollins soon or worse…main event Wrestlemania again….god help the IWC!

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