Now this one I am bad at…I am horrible at deciding on what a person’s facial expression means…It’s impossible as far as I’m concerned and it drives me crazy at times because it doesn’t help a conversation along if you can’t tell if the person you are speaking too is happy, sad or angry based on the look on their face! Too many times have I gotten this wrong in the past and at times, it has landed me in bother but why is it that no matter how hard I try, I don’t get any better with this?  When  it comes to Autism, I’ve heard and read that it’s a common trait and if so, just what is it that we lack in this department that we can’t tell a facial expression…I just don’t get it! I focus so hard and look at them but I just can’t tell…same with tone of voice…I mean it makes conversations so hard if you can’t follow the emotion from the other person and I get misunderstood because people think I am being rude if I get it wrong….half of the time, it’s a darn guess and 8/10…I am wrong!

I just wish I could say: Just tell me how your feeling…are you happy? Are you Angry? Are you Sad? That would make it all so much easier but I’d feel awkward to ask that to anyone else because how would they react? Would they ask why I need to ask that question in the first place, I mean as far as I can tell…most people can pick up on someone’s emotions or facial expression and I…just can’t and it annoys me to no end! Anyone else struggle with this…surely many with Autism do? Maybe some don’t…I don’t know! It just annoys me this little issue…no, it’s a BIG ISSUE! it affects me every single day to be honest…I mean I speak to people every day and the situation is never different…perhaps I do get it right from time to time and all that but…seriously…there must be a more long term effect that can make this a lot Kagami_gifeasier….I can just go directly up to them and examine there face up close…can I? Nope I highly doubt that I could get away without that! Who knows but I ain’t trying that ever…to much dignity to do that!

So tell me…judging a situation based on someone’s face…can’t do that confidently really…struggled through University and College mainly because of this fact alone…if I were much better at doing this kind of thing…life might have been a lot better perhaps…who knows?! Maybe things will get better as I get older…or not…I mean my eyesight will get worse with age…time and all that so if my vision gets worse with age then I don’t know….

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