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Oriemo (Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai) 

A decent anime focused on a guy called Kyousuke and his rather annoying sister Kirino, a massive ego maniac by the way and their very rocky relationship…I remember the first episode that I watched…the first episode of the second series and the siblings are very distant, living their own lives…I remember a scene where Kirino wanted to have a bath with her brother and he shouted at her and I was like ‘Really…that’s why she hates him so much…come on…no one’s that petty!’ Oh wait…apparently…he didn’t pay attention to her growing up… Don’t get me wrong…I enjoyed the series but my main talking point has to be the ending…one of the worst I have ever seen in an anime…a bitter taste left in my mouth and before you say anything, I know it’s not real…I just don’t like the message it sent out really and I know Japan did many more Incest anime but this one really takes the cake…it was good up to an extent, not the greatest or the worst anime it was…average at best…it keeps you somewhat entertained…somewhat.

I’ll get to the most annoying part of this show…this picture bellow speaks for itself.

oreimo-kirino-kyousuke-kiss-marriageWhy?? This image right here is what is so wrong with this anime…it’s so annoying because most people hated the ending… I hated it…it made no sense really and I know Anime can be weird sometimes but this was pushing those boundaries to the limits if you ask me… I mean, why, when he had so many choices of who to be with did he choose his sister? Incest, really?? Other girls wanted to be with him, even though he’s a loser… no really…don’t get me wrong, he’s a good brother…up to an extent obviously but I mean…apart from the Manga…does he have any male friends…is he not doing something strange each episode…why does everything revolve around Kirino? Years of regret perhaps?, here are the list of girls he could have been with…and to be honest, when you see who he could have ended up with, you feel amazed that he chose his sister!



Don’t let her looks fool you, she will kill you if you anger her…best friends with Kirino, Ayase gets to know Kyousuke and despite his many nuisances and close encounters…the worst she did was tie him up really! Ayase confessed her feelings for Kyouske in the final episode but…Kyousuke turned her down and as far as I’m aware, they haven’t spoken since! Now Ayase would have been a much better choice clearly because despite the mishaps, she did fall for him and it would have been a much better ending NOTE all of these girls would have been a better ending than Kirino Ok so she’s a bit…crazier than Kirino…ok very much more! and all that and would kill you violently if you angered her enough but that’s beside the point and this girl is nuts…a Yandere who I bet has her parents terrified, I mean do we ever really see them?…I mean this girls stare is enough to give you nightmares…how has this girl not been arrested?



oreimo-kuroneko-cuteNow here’s an interesting one, a girl that is Kyousuke’s ex so they have plenty of history, especially if you’ve watched both seasons where they go out with one another for a couple of episodes before Kuroneko calls it off…all apart of her plan or something, so she should clearly be a candidate to have won in the end, right? It was in the book! Wrong….despite her plan to have him in the end, Kyousuke also turns her down in favor of his…sister…because that’s normal…I get that it was obvious that it was going to happen….I mean ‘I can’t believe my Little Sister is this cute…gives it away a bit, don’t you think? Still it’s enough to annoy many people who likely just turned to Fan fiction for the ending that they crave…the poor sods! I really liked Kuroneko and her weirdness…it was different from the psycho Ayase or the brat Kirino…she liked Kyousuke and they were a good couple…she wanted to be with him in the end and her stupid plan ruined things for her…why break up with him….you broke the guy’s heart….bit of a big flaw in the plan there…yes I know you wanted the brother-sister relationship to repair itself but couldn’t you have done that and stayed with Kyousuke?

Good job Kyousuke, you made her cry!


287636-ore_no_imouto_2__6_The so called final boss who was my least favorite out of all of them but even so, she had a stronger claim than Kirino! Childhood friend who knew Kyousuke for years…was there when Kirino buggered off to America yet still…despite Nanami warning them what the world would look at the couple like, because they were brother and sister that they would be ridiculed and shunned for life yet still…Kyousuke chose his sister…(Palm over face) why would you go for the one person who’s ignored you and made you feel like dirt for most of your life…if she doesn’t get her way…she sulks…pretends to have a boyfriend…gets jealous when her brother gets a girlfriend…he does so much for her and he barely gets anything in return but then again…he is a creep so…Oh come on….so many girls that want to be with him…nope, my sister is the one for me!

9QOY4U2Look at this Pic and smile…well I will anyway…it was a bit satisfying I mean after two seasons of that brats whinging…that punch was just worth the wait…very much so but sadly…it didn’t prevent the ending

That doesn’t justify anything! If anything, you make it sound like it’s ok for a brother and sister to get together like that and I know in the past…royal families in Egypt did it to keep the blood line pure and all that but it’s the 21st century and as far as I can tell…the same rules don’t apply..I mean…love is love…right?? We can argue all we want but the ending is what it is…the wrong girl was chosen…obviously but some might think it”s good and that’s your choice…personally…I think the ending ruined the show for me…I know it was kind of obvious it was going to happen…but I was hoping for a curve ball and Kyousuke went with someone else but was still able to repair his damaged relationship with Kirino…would have been a good ending….everyone is happy…hopefully!

There was one more but really…I felt she had the least to do with him out of the other ones….she was kind of there and she kind of wasn’t…never really thought she was a contender…oh well….overall this show was ok, I enjoyed it…minus the finish and well…I can think of far worse piles of rubbish to watch than this…I guess I was disappointed it ended the way it did, that and how the finish has taken away the focus from the rest of the show…everyone just talks about the end…more so than the rest of the two seasons we got…I mean other stuff happened, I know it was build up but still…

And scene!

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