This one is strange to me because…Religion…well what can I say about it…it is one of the most important things we as humans have in this world, to which many of us dedicate our lives to. The majority of us believe in an afterlife, although what kind of afterlife can vary depending on what Religion you follow….plenty of them about! Fancy becoming a Jedi anyone?

Now the question I have asked myself for a long time is…where do I stand with Religion…I mean I have Autism and life hasn’t been easy…I don’t enjoy having to constantly worry about everything like socialising with other people and even reading facial expressions and emotions! I used to not want to believe in a God because of what I had…I felt like it was a punishment or even a cruel joke growing up but as time has gone on, I have come to an understanding…one that I have accepted….I am who I am and that’s all I need…no Religion required for me, I am happy and love life! I do not consider myself a religious man at all, nor do I think I’m an Atheist either…I believe something is out there…some mystical force watching over us all…I mean there is just too much beauty and wonder in this world to have just come to by itself…I also believe in Evolution as well…I mean that’s been proven!  As for the being out there somewhere…I’m just not sure what it is nor am I that interested either, I believe it’s out there somewhere, watching us…but I always just leave it at that, I never go any further….as far as I’m concerned, I’m in charge of my life and when death comes, what happens…happens as far as I’m concerned…but why don’t I believe that much?

Well why should I? Will my life just dramatically change if I become a Christian or a Buddhist overnight…I just don’t want to devote my life, the thing given to me when I was born to praying to something that I won’t meet until I pass on anyway…will I be guaranteed to go to a better place once my soul leaves this body that I have right now? I don’t see the point of doing that for the sake of it…I’ll study religions and listen to the stories but that’s all they are to me…just stories! However, these are just my views…you can follow whatever you want as that’s the freedom of choice that we all have…I just choose to make my own decisions….solve my own issues and accept death when it comes, hopefully after a fulfilling life where I leave behind my children and grandchildren on this Earth as an old man…if I do go to some other place and stand in front of the all-powerful being and it turns out there is a God all along…I’ll smile and accept it, no questions asked…I don’t not believe in a God…something is out there…I just won’t follow it…nor will I turn from it…I’ll treat it like I treat everyone else, I’ll be kind and introduce myself…like making a friend…

So why have I mentioned my Autism in all of this? Well I often wonder how I came to having it in the first place and to be honest with you…I did think it was because of a higher being…I mean perhaps one day, Autism will be explained such as how a human becomes to have it but it also makes me question whether I should become religious because I have mild Autism. Now when I say that, I feel happy and mad and I feel mad because…well Autism can be hard to live with…it makes life hard and you often wonder why, along with many other things in this world would a god let there be to exist but how can you appreciate the good without the bad? Would the good times we all experience not mean as much if we had never gone through a hardship?

I hope I haven’t offended anyone with this…it’s just how I feel…I don’t believe nor disbelieve…I think a being is out there but I won’t pray to it because my life is fine just the way it is, I have never gone so far to not believe I can’t solve something on my own or with the support of family and friends and I have met many great people in this life that follows a Religion and I’m ok with that…it’s great because I learn about them, I just don’t follow them….I’m a Human…put on this Earth to live my life and dealing with my Autism sure does feel like my trial sometimes but one I accept with a smile…life is about living…adventures and sharing those adventures with loved ones…not having regrets when you leave it…if I make it to an elderly age and am in my death-bed with no regrets then I’ll feel that I did a good job at this living that we all do…Autism or not! We all get a decision on what to believe in and whether I go up or down after life…it happens…whereas I listen to others beliefs, whether they are Christian, Buddhist, Muslim…Hindu, Atheist etc they aren’t my own, sorry but that’s how I’m keeping it, I don’t say that they are wrong nor do I say I’m right either…

I think what I’m trying to say is I’m not really bothered if a higher being is watching over us or not, I’ll take what life throws…don’t have much of a choice really…I mean I’ve learnt that with my Autism, I don’t have a choice, I’ll have meltdowns…I’ll mistake things for something else and I’ll upset people without meaning too but I’ll also make people smile and feel better, I’ll be a loving fiance and father and I’ll love life each and every day until it’s time to move on to whatever adventure happens after life…what can I say…I like the thought of not knowing what happens next…more exciting..if I were to have a religion…it’d be life….just living my life each day as best I can

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