Seth-Rollins-Kane-WWE-Hell-in-a-CellA question worth asking because I don’t see him doing it cleanly at all…not in a million years to be honest, however I also think the answer is pretty obvious as to how Seth Rollins leaves Hell in a Cell with the WWE WHC, I mean when you really think about how predictable WWE can be with Seth Rollins as he is booked to be a coward but puts on amazing matches in the ring which makes you wonder why he acts so cowardly in the first place…he can go with the best so why dos he act so afraid of defending his belt or even wrestling…one of two options I think will happen at Hell in A Cell

  1. Seth Rollins gets disqualified- This is the most obvious one because frankly…after this week’s Raw, a whole roster couldn’t help Rollins beat Kane…Big Show KO Punched him and New Day helped Rollins as well in that Lumberjack Match but the winner was Kane still via a Tombstone but Kane won’t win the Championship….not the way the TV Ratings are going…it’s too much of a risk sadly so I bet that Rollins gets Disqualified somehow…I mean the match isn’t in Hell in a Cell…maybe they couldn’t come up with a realistic way of Rollins bating Kane inside of the Cell…I mean Kane has dominated Rollins for weeks now…Rollins has barely knocked Kane off his feet as of yet so him doing the deed and winning on his own cleanly….more chance of Heath Slater winning the United States Championship!
  2. Someone Interferes and costs Kane the match- Main selection of superstars that could cost Kane this match is Big Show or Triple H…Although I think this is the lesser of the two likely options to have! It wouldn’t make much sense because WWE has made it out that Rollins has to defend himself from now on…The Authority haven’t really done much to say that they would do something like interfere in a Championship Match…especially since Kane is also part of the Authority so maybe Big Show…I mean Kane attacked him first and they do have history…who knows but one things for sure…one way or another, Seth Rollins will remain our champion….even if he is booked to be terrible….HE IS A GREAT WRESTLER but ever since he joined the Authority, he has been a whiny…whinging…coward of a champion who is stale on the mic at the moment!

I think this match would have been better in the cell personally…nothing wrong with 3 Cell matches in one PPV…it’s not overdoing it and the event is called Hell in a Cell…I doubt anyone would mind, especially with your ratings WWE…they are falling deeper into the toilet bowl as far as I can read…you have to change something…perhaps not Roman Reigns…

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