CRZBCUaUwAIXNjHAccording to the Daily Mirror at least, Arsene Wenger, the current longest manager in the Premier League has set his retirement date…Now whereas this just maybe a rumor and nothing more, for me it is still a scary prospect for him to leave Arsenal because the question would be…who would take over?

That is so hard to answer because I just can’t think of anyone…I know things can change up to the date in question and someone amazing could become available to take the position over but as of right now…only one name is out there that could do the job and do it well…Carlo Ancelotti

91823Successful, a winner and respected…he’d be great at being Wenger’s replacement as I don’t think someone like Dennis Bergkamp or Thierry Henry is ready for something like managing Arsenal just yet…I don’t want a player to come in and do it yet…in the future but not to succeed Wenger! Whoever it is…they will be under immense pressure to do well and bring trophies to the Emirates. We all remember what happened to Manchester United once Alex Ferguson retired….David Moyes came in and they finished 7th…they are still somewhat recovering from that change….no trophies as of yet and I really don’t want the same to happen to us…we don’t have the same amount of money to blow on footballers like they do…if that were to happen to us…we might not recover at the same speed as United have


Personally, I hope it’s just a rumor and nothing more…

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