So we know what happens when a Hornet takes on a Cannon…apart from being a slight annoyance, the cannon blows the pest to smithereens! Yes, Arsenal defeated Watford FC 3-0 at Vicarage Road, their own back yard #wfcvsafc and now sit 2nd place, above Manchester United on goal difference, just behind City by 2 points…what a feeling tonight for Gunners all over the globe…WE ARE TITLE CONTENDERS!

Watford held us back for the first half and defended well, even opening us up at times and we were lucky to go into the break at 0-0 but we came back out a different team in the 2nd half and found a way through the defensive line and demolished it! I said before that it would be dangerous to under estimate the Hornets and in a way, I thought we were doing so in the first half, we were at a walking pace at best but maybe the plan was just to let Watford tire themselves out before finishing them off in the 2nd half? Who knows but we scored in quick succession and put the game to bed, Watford looked spent in the last 15 minutes, a good team but need more goals and some wins if they want to stay in the league but then again…the way Newcastle and Aston Villa are playing…Watford might actually have a chance to survive…a small one but hey…Leicester defied the odds last season…why not Watford!

Our goalscorers were Sanchez, Giroud and Ramsey…and may I say that Ramsey’s goal was most satisfying after the treatment he got from the Watford fans tonight…I bet it felt amazing for our Welsh Rambo to score that goal! However, our engine Ozil was a massive help in this win, I have no idea where these critics or reviewers get off saying he’s lazy and needs to do more for Arsenal…we’ve won 2 F.A Cups since he’s arrived 2 Community Shields and are becoming more serious tittle contenders every year…how’s that not improving the team? Sanchez…what needs to be said apart from amazing…world class and a shining star in the squad…oh heck, all of the squad was brilliant….even Giroud who along with me and others have been harsh on him…he is a good striker…I’ve never said he isn’t but when you want to win the league, you feel that you need something a little bit more…class but hey…if Giroud proves us all wrong and fires us to a tittle, no critic could ever say anything negative about him anymore…we’ll all admit we were wrong!

I won’t completely change my opinion of him just yet, not based on one game…be clinical and score in most games…that’s what we want at Arsenal, a proven striker who will bag us many goals…yes I know Giroud has been our top scorer before but if he can go beyond that distance and get even more and get us to the summit, then I’ll be more than happy to say no to Benzema and say ”No thanks, we have Giroud!” make that happy for me Giroud…with you, Sanchez, Ozil, Cech and Ramsey…we just might have what it takes…who knows…maybe even Wilshere can get in on this!

Man of Match: Ozil

Next Game: Bayern Munich: 20/10/15 (h)


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