International break is over…finally! back to the real football that is the Premier League! Today we travel to Vicarage Road to play Watford and what a game this should be, an entertaining one for sure…a great chance to get 3 points today against lower opposition that will be trying to just stay in the league but Arsenal also a great chance to mess things up and drop points as well…let’s face it…Arsenal have a tenancy to sometimes underestimate an opponent and it has cost them many times in the past COUGH Birmingham COUGH sorry about that, don’t think that Watford don’t have what it takes to get a win today, they could surprise everyone! but I think we will win comfortably because Wenger is focused on bringing the Premier League back to the Emirates for the first time! Sounds like a dream right, well Wenger intends to make that a reality…especially before that June 2017 date when he looks set to leave his post after many years of service.

Arsenal_FC.svgArsenal Team to play Watford
















A good squad today, one that should pull of a good win, remember that we haven’t lost to Watford in the last five meetings…in fact they haven’t beaten Arsenal since 1988, the signs look good for an Arsenal win this Autumn evening to keep chase on Manchester City.

I’ll predict a 3-1 win for Arsenal tonight…we must win this game…no room to lose with Manchester United and City already winning games today.


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