Newcastle United…a club with plenty of history behind it…but is it just another club that clings onto it’s past because the present is as far removed from it’s past as possible? Just what has happened to this once great club…now turned to a sleeping giant that has long missed it’s alarm call? As I write this, The Magpies sit bottom of the Premier League and their horrifying fall into the abyss looks set to continue..I mean 20th in the league for this club is embarrassing! Utter humiliation that needs to change before it’s too late!

  1. NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE, UNITED KINGDOM - NOVEMBER 03: Mike Ashley, Owner of Newcastle United looks on during the Barclays Premier League match between Newcastle United and Portsmouth at St.James Park on November 03, 2007 in Newcastle, England.  (Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images)

    Mike Ashley– Ok, now I think it was probably obvious that this guy was going to be first on the list of problems Newcastle United fans have with the club! Every time I hear the Magpies have a rant, this guy is at the forefront of those complaints. He recently declared that he would only leave the club when Newcastle wins silverware…something they haven’t done in almost 50 years! Quite a feat for the current squad to achieve, seeing as they were defeated by a 2nd rate Sheffield Wednesday squad in the Capital One Cup this year…good luck with that guys. He tried to have St James Park renamed to Sports Direct Arena and pretty much always looks and sounds like he could care less about Newcastle as a Football club and more of an advertisement for his company Sports Direct…I can see why fans are mad, his decisions aren’t always what’s best for the club…changing the stadium name is a sin for some and showing a lack of interest is frustrating…Football clubs should not be used as advertisements like that…the fans want trophies and memories…not giant coffee cups although they are good enhanced-13259-1424949187-17

  2. Newcastle-Aleksandar-MitrovicNo Transfer Fund– Another issue would be lack of funding to buy players, now I’ve heard this complaint and looked into this and this Summer, Newcastle United spent and it was around £49 million which was the second highest in the league and the fifth in Europe! When you look at that, it doesn’t sound like a lack of spending and the year prior, it was about £37 million which isn’t that far apart so they spend money but is the issue…
  3. Rémy CabellaBad Signings…They have spent money on players but purchase second rate players which makes it hard for them to put in a decent challenge for anything, I mean out of all of the players they bought in the last two years…only Jack Colback and Loic Remy had any Premier League experience…the rest were purchased from other leagues around Europe. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure players like Mitrovic and Wijnaldum will do well for the Toon Army…until they are sold a couple of years down the road like all good players at the club usually are then replaced with second rate players…it goes on and on and it’s a reason why Newcastle have slipped so much…I loved Cisse and Ba as a strike force, then Newcastle sold Ba to Chelsea and Cisse has slowly faded onto the subs bench…don’t get me started on Mike Williamson.
  4. alan-pardew-434223Pointing the Finger- This one…is partly to blame on the fans a little because where it is partly if not mostly all to blame on Mike Ashley, the blame also lies elsewhere…now you had a good manager in Alan Pardew and you pretty much chased him out to Crystal Palace where he’s looking down at you and smiling because he has the backing he needs whereas you lot are stuck with Steve McClaren! And you had John Carver (Best Coach in League) take it from me, An Arsenal Fan who’s had to stick by Arsene Wenger when we were winning nothing for a decade but we stuck by him because we knew he could  do it for us and he did….took a while but he’s recently won 2 F.A Cups and to be honest, Pardew did get you into Europe whereas McClaren looks set to take you to Huddersfield and Charlton! Perhaps sticking by him would have been the better option because let’s face it, he’s the best manager you had in years and now, you look set to go from horrible manager to horrible manager because that job is a poisoned chalice who only really desperate managers will go for!

newcastle-fans001bNewcastle has one of the best fan bases in the country and some are losing heart to go and watch their team play which shouldn’t happen but can they really watch their team continue to play the way they do anymore? I don’t know but some think getting relegated will help them out…No it won’t! Why do I say that…well you got relegated less than a decade ago…came back up…did ok for a few years then fell again…did getting relegated help you….has it helped Leeds….Nottingham Forest, Blackburn, Bolton, Wigan or Wolves? tread carefully Newcastle because the way your club is going, you will join those clubs in lingo…as in clubs that should be in the Premier League but just don’t have what it takes to sit at the dinner table anymore, your flame is dying out and you need to change things around now! Most people don’t want to lose Newcastle from the Premier League but what can change to make Newcastle walk among the best once again without being shoved about by the others?

Get rid of Mike Ashley? Buy experienced league players? Show the team that you’ll stand behind them no matter what? Or perhaps relegation is best for a rebuild? Who knows but this downward slump has to end at some point, the question is…will Newcastle become stronger because of it…or will it finish them off as a Premier League team…hopefully…they become a top half team again, I just can’t imagine the Premier League without Newcastle United being in it. So get your black and white scarfs, your chants and cheers and be the best fans you can be because your team needs you now more than ever, you need the emotions, the drama and passion to drive your team out of the bottom three, you can do it! your better than Aston Villa have been, that’s for sure…beating Norwich will be a good start, a positive one but you need your players a good kick up the backside and remind them who they are playing for! Newcastle United, not Dover FC! Play like a Premier League team!

Newcsatle-fan_2364016bGet it together Newcastle!

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